Failure Is a Better Teacher Than Success Essay

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Date:  2022-03-02

It is human nature to want to lead a good life which translates to being successful in the field that one works. Success is inevitably the automatic choice for most people if given the option of choosing between it and failure. Unknown to many, especially the contemporary millennial generation that is deemed to be lazy, failure is a crucial part of life because it serves as an ideal teacher better than success. There is plenty of benefits to be derived from failing before one eventually becomes successful in their later life. This essay seeks to illustrate that failure is a better teacher than success judging by the priceless benefits that an individual can derive from failing.

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One of the reasons that makes failure to be a better teacher than success is that there are mistakes involved. These mistakes provide the perfect learning opportunity to a person because they are able to discern where they may have gone wrong and so they will work towards rectifying the mistake not to recur in the future. It is always advised that one can make mistakes in life but that should not worry them as long as they take the lessons therein. This is why it is better to failure as one is always on a learning curve where they get to know what to do next time to avoid making mistakes and the areas on which they can make improvements.

Failures are a result of the never ending challenges that are a part of life. Every time one solves a problem, life will inevitably come up with a different type of challenge that the same individual will be required to find a solution as well. Due to constantly emerging challenges, the person involved ends up gathering invaluable experience in the field that they work. This experience shapes one's perceptions and perspectives about various aspects of life in a manner that they never previously did. Failing molds the individual into an expert in their specific discipline as they learn the ropes and gather the experience that make them grasp the technical aspect of whatever field in which they work.

The motivation that one gets from failing in a project or field in which they are passionate is unparalleled. Failing gives an individual the burning desire to rise up, dust themselves up, and relentlessly pursue the objective that they want to achieve. Failure sends them back to the drawing board where they come up with new ideas of trying their project differently. They are challenged to keep working in the hope for a breakthrough even after countless failures. In this regard, failure is a source of inspiration for the dedicated individual to not give up on their dreams, passion, and aspirations. It makes them work harder than ever before in the optimistic knowledge that thy will eventually succeed.

As this essay illustrates, failure is an all-round teacher that is effective than success. Failing presents a person with an opportunity to learn from their mistakes; not to mention that failing equips the individual with experience that they cannot obtain anywhere else without first going through failure. Failure is also a better teacher than success because it helps the person to stay motivated in the firm belief that their moment of success is inevitable as it is around the corner.

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