Factors That Affect the Exportation of Foodstuff From Nigeria by the Costello Food Company

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Date:  2022-06-22


The paper is going to exhaust on some things that surround the research conducted on the factors that affect the exportation of foodstuff from Nigeria by the Costello Food Company situated in Ireland. In this case, the company specializes in selling the African foods to the Ireland locals, and there is need to cut the operating costs by importing the foodstuff directly to Ireland which will then be distributed to the buyers. All such factors are the resultant products of a questionnaire conducted where the veterans in the export and import businesses were approached to provide their best viewpoints, answers, and suggestions regarding the factors deemed to affect the exportation and importation of foodstuffs from Nigeria to Ireland. The paper begins with the statement of the introduction regarding the issues surrounding the general exportation and importation of food and other products. In this subsection, the author focuses on the aspects regarding the profitability of the businesses operating on the cross-border basis. There is the explanation regarding how the business people are supposed to strike a balance between the expenses incurred in their business operations and the income received from such business operations. It is stated that for a business to succeed, the entrepreneur is supposed to intellectually make informed decisions regarding the operational modes of the company. Also expounded on in the introduction section are the various levels in which the enterprises operate such as the local, regional, domestic and international levels. Those serving between multiple countries are referred to as the multinationals, and they involve the stakeholders from all the countries they work. The requirements for the smooth operation of multinationals are comprehensively expounded in the introduction such they will be able to incorporate the business policies from all the countries they operate in harmoniously in their daily operations. Further exhausted in the introduction are the favorable conditions required for the smooth operation of businesses, amongst which are the factors such the adherence to the rules and regulations, constitutional guidelines and the policies directing on the smooth operations of the stores. The investors are also informed of the likely risks that may come along their way, cautioning them on the importance of taking precautionary measures that will help safeguard their prosperity in their daily activities. The paper then narrows down to the exhaustion of the issues relating to the importation of foodstuff from Nigeria to Ireland.

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The paper then cascades into the background of the study where the questionnaires were conducted to investigate the factors that affect the importation of foodstuff from Nigeria to Ireland. The paper the leads to the research statement which is tagged ''the research on the Costello's food exportation from Nigeria is aimed at investigating the factors that affect the exportation of food products from Nigeria.'' The questions in which the statement of the research was aiming are too mentioned. It is then followed by the objectives of the study, where the goals of the entire research activity are indicated in point form, such as the establishment of the general barriers to exportation business, all highlighted in the paper. The method of the research is also mentioned, where the questionnaires were issued to the resource people to fill and come up with the most important points regarding the factors that affect the exportation of foodstuff from Nigeria to Ireland. Featured in the paper are also the limitations of the study conducted to come up with the factors affecting the exportation of food products from Nigeria to Ireland, by the Costello Company. They include such elements as the likelihood of data inaccuracy arising from the possible administration of research questionnaires to dishonest and hostile respondents. Some of the respondents might have been issuing biased answers, the inadequacy of knowledge regarding the subject matter at hand and more specifically the Nigerian government policies, and the meagre research population which availed only a little information which barred comparison.

The paper also expounds on the structure of the study which is stated as being a well-structured manner. It could then help in the attainment of the research objectives more accurately and by the requirements of the study. The study structure involved the designation of the required information, the definition of the targeted respondents deemed to answer the questions more informatively, and the choice of the most appropriate method of reaching out to the targeted respondents. Others are the decision on the contents of the problem to be given to the respondents to answer and the format defining the arrangement and order of the questions, the decision regarding the length of the questionnaire, and the conduction of pre-test questionnaires to determine its validity and effectiveness in gathering the required information.

There is also the definition of technical terms fit for this paper, alongside the presentation of the research findings and their discussion on relativism to the topical subject matter at hand. The results include the factor regarding the cultural orientation of the Nigerians, where their differing cultural needs are to be met, like tipping, to enable Costello stores to run its business activities smoothly. The excellent relationship between Costello stores and the Nigerians will mold a good business environment where it will be able to get the needed labor on time, as they will be willing to cooperate with Costello stores. They will also be open to divulging useful information on the places to get the suitable quantity of the goods required, factoring in such elements as the quality and ease of obtaining.

As the paper nears wrapping up, the factors affecting the exportation of food products from Nigeria to Ireland are discussed. They are recorded as per the findings of the questionnaires. One of them is the government policy where there are administrative bottlenecks set in place by the Nigerian government to regulate the exportation of food products. The government regulations include the taxations, embargo, sanctions, quotas, and tariffs (Vaughan, I. O., et al.2014). They are supposed to be adhered to by Costello stores so that it will be successful in its operations. Also, there is a body in Nigeria known as the National Food and Drug Control which enforces the set rules regarding the food exportation and importation businesses. Costello stores will be answerable to it (Oyedele, O. A., et al.2014). The laws also guard the intellectual patent rights of inventors; hence the need by the Costello stores to consult first before adopting any instrument of work in its exportation activities (Hatzenbuehler, P. L., Abbott, et al., 2017).

There is also an element of human-made disasters and natural calamities. In this case, there are terrorists in Nigeria who might influence the business activities of Costello sores as the transact businesses with suppliers of the required products (Hatzenbuehler, P. L., Abbott, et al., 2017). It should thus be keen on the way it transacts business in the affected regions so as not t fall victim of the menace (Oyedele, O. A., et al.2017). Besides, there is the periodic famine disaster which sporadically affects the farming areas in Nigeria, with its outbreak ending food shortage that triggers Nigerian government to reduce on the food exports and increase food imports which will then bar the availability of food exports for Costello stores. It is a factor that helps, a proposed in the paper, Costello stores to look for immunity measures which aid in supplies during trough seasons in Nigeria (Hatzenbuehler, P. L., Abbott, et al., 2017). In the article, the daily transportation and the experiences of working with other business partners and workers is a factor which should get considered by Costello stores in its dealings. As the paper wraps up, a conclusion is drawn clinching all the exhausted points in the article with the topical subject matter at hand.

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Costello store is an Ireland based company dealing in the selling of African food products in several of its stores in the homeland country. Thus, its major source of the food products is the African counties. It initially had a supplier of the food products and it has opted to conduct the food products importation directly from the Nigerian market to the homeland country for trading them to the customers. It is aimed at cutting on the costs thus increasing on the profitability of the company. Following the impending food products exportation from the Nigerian market to the Irish market, there is a research conducted to determine the factors affecting the exportation of the food products from Nigeria and the subsequent importation to Irish market. The paper is thus precipitated with all the information surrounding the food products exportation business from Nigeria to Ireland. The research objective is thus the investigation of the factors that are likely to affect the importation of the food products into the Irish market from Nigeria. The research is conducted by the issuance of the questionnaires to the population composing of the traders, sales persons and sales representatives who have engaged in the exportation business between the two countries. The factors found to affect the importation of food products from Nigerian market to Ireland are; the government policies, man-made and natural disasters, delays in transportation activities, frequency of change of government policies, types of partners worked with, levels of competition, and the seasonal variations. The business is supposed to know the nature of such factors to facilitate the determination of the way forward in so far as the importation of food products form the Nigerian market to Ireland is concerned.


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Many businesses are operating worldwide with the sole aim of mak...

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