Facebook and Its Benefits to People

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Date:  2021-03-08

In the modern world, technology is growing at a rate that no one can predict. Communication has digitalized and hence people can now connect with one another easily even while miles away. The world has firmly become a global market where businesses operate from different places around the world. Nowadays, people from different nations can partner in global companies while others are enrolling and studying their dream courses online. However, at my school have come along various social media platforms and how they help students to connect with matters relating to living and education. Among the many platforms, Facebook has attracted much of my attention due to how people use it in my school (Todwal & Wanjari, 2015). However, due to curiosity, I decided to carry out a research of it within my school environment. I wanted to understand how effective the platform is to student as well as why it is winning the minds of majority students. Therefore, this paper involves interviewing, at least, five people around the school regarding Facebook for the purpose of understanding it is three most powerful benefits to the students.

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First, I came to a first-year student whom I wanted to know how he knows Facebook. To start, I asked him when he joined Facebook and responded by saying that he joined Facebook while in form one. However, I wanted to realize what could have pressured him to join Facebook. From his response, I learned that he joined Facebook to match with his other friends. Additionally, I realized that he had so many friends who were a foreign country and hence calling or even texting them was more expensive than chatting online through Facebook (Brunel, 2011). He added by saying that Facebook gave him a chance to learn a lot of the school before he joined. When he landed in the institution, it was much easy for him since he had already made friends with some of the continuing students. It was fun to him as he was able to receive friend requests from other students who were waiting to join the institution. Furthermore, he shared the experiences of the school environment and all thanks to Facebook because he prepared all the staffs required for admission prior the opening date.

Secondly, I interviewed a student from the second year group. The primary aim here was to understand the experience she had with Facebook since she joined the university. After asking her when she joined the platform, she revealed that Facebook has since the age of 15 years been her best social media platform. By then, she had no Smartphone and hence the only way of accessing it was going to cyber cafe. She would open the site at least twice per week since time was her limiting factor. At that time, she was able to make thousands of friends all from different parts of the world.

However, she added that when done with high school, it is when her mother bought her a Smartphone. Now, she had the world on her hands. More importantly, I wanted to understand the achievement she has managed to have with Facebook having used it for that long. Thus, she responded by saying that she has a page that she uses to advertise new designs and fashion for an individual company (Crompton, & Sautter, 2011). However, she manages to pay for a monthly subscription to generate more traffic into his page. As a result, she gets a good commission from each sale that the company makes via her page. Therefore, I realized that she has some extra income from just using Facebook.

Additionally, I approached another student. She was a third-year student and more to that she was in the university student governing council. My primary intention of interviewing the student was to know if the governing of the school has anything to do with Facebook. The student said that though she joined Facebook after entering campus, it has changed her way of doing things by far. After her selection to join the student council, she realized that almost 90% of the information that the school communicates to the student is via Facebook. Each and every department, as well as school, has a Facebook page that the admin uses to pass information. Therefore, as the school financial secretary, she was forced to be active on Facebook. More importantly, students needed a leader who would keep them informed of every activity that the school undertakes. Due to the same reason, all students were encouraged to have a Facebook account which the admin user add them to the page. Such pages were also used by student whenever they wanted to pass a grievance.

However, I also took the initiative of approaching a fourth-year student. I wanted to know for how he had used Facebook as well as the opportunities that he had managed to have the platform. He made it clear that among other social media platforms that he has used Facebook has many active friends (Edgington, 2011). He has used Facebook since when he was in form one, and it has helped to link up with many friends worldwide. He added by saying that he has enrolled a degree with a university situated abroad, and is currently doing very well with it; he connects with the administration of the school through Facebook. Moreover, when faced with an issue the fastest way of reaching them is by in boxing them through Facebook. Also, he made it clear that his first encounter with the institution was through Facebook. He saw their post on the advert and when he inquired they responded as fast as possible. He later saw the details of how and when he can start accompanied by the payments.

Lastly, I interviewed a student from the 2rd year group. He was one of the dancers from an individual group. They always organize events where they show their expertise in dancing. After sharing a few moments with the students, I realized that Facebook has played a significant role in improving their skills. For instance, he says that his group has partnered with other groups from all parts of the world like China and U.S.A. Whenever each group learns a new move, they share it with other through Facebook. He added by saying that they have heard lots of moves from other groups. Additionally, the student revealed that he has created another page that any likely person with the aim of dancing can join and even communicate with them if interested in joining the crew (Breslin, Passant & Decker, 2009). Also, he says that they have recruited lots of students especially the 1st year students who are joining the school. Facebook has linked his group with the most influential people both locally and internationally. He said that Facebook has gave him hope that his dancing career is slowly moving to the next level. He aspires to compete with other groups internationally which are possible through the connection that Facebook is offering.

In conclusion, technology has grown to an extent that all individuals carry it in their hands. Having a Smartphone is similar having the world around. However, through the help of people like Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook the world has slowly become a small village that one can walk and do anything of interest. I have learned that Facebook is among the top most social Medias in the world. It connects millions of people worldwide. Moreover, it gives the chance to share information, pictures, videos as well as audios. From interviewing students in my school, I was able to know that Facebook has enabled lots of people to set their payroll. For instance, through promoting products of other companies and getting a special commission from the sales made. Also, Facebook has enabled lots of people to connect with their learning institutions situated abroad. Through the social media platform, the organization can pass any information to their students as soon as possible. Also, Facebook has brightened the future of many people through sharpening talents. For instance, through sharing dancing videos a student in my school feels comfortable even to present himself in front of the entire school. It is an incidence that has given majority people confidence as they realize what they can do better.


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