Event Planning and Report Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-06

Planning for an event can be very costly sometimes and even cumbersome since it involves physical movements from one place to another in search of sponsors. The sponsors must be told everything about one's intention for an event, and how they might benefit from the same. For an individual, or group of people, or a company to offer their sponsorship, they must be cork sure that by the end of the event they also directly or indirectly benefit by either promoting their images or the event must act as a platform for them to market themselves or the company.

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It, therefore, calls for creativity in the choice of the event that one intends to hold in case they really need sponsorship. The event then must be designed to cater for the interest of both parties involved so that it becomes a gain-gain situation. In regard to the attached condition, it is never a walk in the path to planning for a very successful event. It thus comes with several hurdles on the way which the organizer must find a way of addressing. Some of the challenges faced includes; difficulty in convincing the sponsors due to insecurity issues, and difficulty in securing a professional firm to take the planning role due to the late notification which triggers a conflict of interest.

The planning of such events remains to the hands of the financial team since an organization believes that planning comes with additional charges which can be addressed by the financial team. I was thus accorded the responsibility of approaching sponsors, deciding and designing on the venue as well as selling tickets before the actual day of the event. As part of my duty, selling tickets and looking for sponsors proved to be very hard. It is because after I approached about two sponsors, they both turned me down citing that I was late. I was therefore left with the task of budgeting and arranging for the event on my own. The work was too much to me but I tried my best. However, during the event day, all activities went as planned except the fact that the time of various events overlapped making some guests to leave early and miss some crucial parts of the event. I came to learn a lot of lessons especially in planning of events which to me I can say was very successful since this was my first event to plan.

Challenges faced

The main challenges faced by the financial team during the planning and even performance of the event were:

  • Difficulty in finding sponsors due to insecurity reasons. the sponsors I approached declined my request on the grounds that their celebrities would not be well secured.Poor timing making it hard to get a professional planning firm to take the role of advertising and planning.
  • Poor coordination of performances on stage and wrong time allocation hence making different performances to overlap.


It is very important for a team to start planning early so that they can have enough time to approach and convince sponsors as they make elaborate marketing through advertising and promotions.

Planners should be time conscious and strict on time to avoid collision of events.


Teamwork is very important as it equips the individual team members with the knowledge to face challenges which might come with the roles given to perform. Event planning, therefore, requires prior preparations to ensure the success of the event. From the event that we had, it was a good learning experience which leaves us with a big room for improvement since it made us identify our weaknesses and strengths.

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