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Date:  2022-12-19

Background of the Bradley Company

The Bradley Company is an agricultural based company with an aim to provide fresh fruits and vegetables in the country. It has a philanthropic foundation to help homeless people in the community. We intend to use high quality and efficient food technology in the production process. We are committed to ensuring that the taste and nutritional quality is the best. The Bradley Company's foundation is based upon the fact that the starters have deep and extensive knowledge of horticultural and biological education, they are experienced in the sector, and they have conducted enough research about this particular area of business. The founders have researched everything there is to know about agronomic and horticultural techniques and every detail about soil blending that needs to be applied. We intend to partner with other government agencies that are concerned with the measurement of the standard of food being given to the people.

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The reason behind the idea is the provision of healthy and nutritious vegetables and fruits to the general public. In our current age and time, people are consuming more processed foods as compared to healthy food leading to the high rise of lifestyle diseases. Tai, & Chuang, (2014). We intend to encourage more people to live healthy lives by consumption of fresh food and while doing so also engage in the social responsibility of providing food and shelter for homeless people. The Bradley Company is led by our manager because he has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Also, we have more employees working hand in hand with the manager to implement the firm's objectives.

Our main product is fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables include carrots, lettuce, white and red onions, spinach, pumpkin, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, kales, celery, and ginger. Fruits include pineapples, bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, pears, strawberries, tomatoes, and plums. The farm is big enough and will be able to produce enough and surplus. The technologies we plan to use will enable the production of these vegetables throughout the year and will allow double cultivation of the greenhouses and no additional heating will be needed during winter.

Implementation of the Plan

Corporate responsibility is a way in which an organization takes responsibility for the actions it has received and the impact it has made on employees, stakeholders and the entire community at large. It dares to include how a The Bradley Company undertakes its operations and the steps it has taken to control its overall impact on the environment. CSR goals are to support activities conducted by the society and to solve the most burning social problems in the community such as poverty. The Bradley Company should ensures that all the employees are working towards supporting their corporate social responsibility to make them earn the respect of their investors and consumers. They should meet ethical as well as societal expectations by showing responsible behavior. In this section we will look at the implementation process which includes, examination and understanding of the plan, keeping it holistic, establishing a driving force, motivation to engage in the program and prepare to adapt to the plan.

To establish a good plan, The Bradley Company should ensure that they have examined and understood their values and corporate culture. This is the essential step of the implementation plan. This section helps us identify the good reasons why a The Bradley Company has been established and why it operates the way it does. Tai, & Chuang, (2014). For our The Bradley Company, the primary purpose was to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the people and ensure we have encouraged them to live a healthy lifestyle. We want to take as many homeless people are possible and provide employment for them in our company. This will better their standard of living financially as well as making food available for them. Through working in the farms, their children will be able to have an education and become change makers of tomorrow.

The second factor is keeping the plan holistic. This means linking past experiences with future expectations and current situations. This is done so that the employees can understand how The Bradley Company has implemented change in the past. Taking homeless people from the streets and offering them jobs even if it is unskilled will show other people how the society will change just by doing a simple deed. The Bradley Company has leaders that are genuinely in for the plan and whose past experiences have made them learn how important it is to help other people and how much people's lives change through acts such as these. Imagine having homeless people become essential people and in turn continue helping other people. What a society.

The third factor is looking for a driving factor for the plan. The people could be driven by various factors including the need to better the lives of other people. This driving force enables The Bradley Company to attain its full potential. Also establishing a plan showing the people responsible for implementation of the plan is paramount. The people have to be ready and willing to face and overcome all the pressure that comes with implementing the plan. The employees should be allocated equal rights and responsibilities to avoid misunderstandings because others may feel inferior leading to poor performance. The employees selected may be people who have never done it before or people who have excelled at it and brought a significant change in the organization. These people are tasked with the responsibility of initiating change in society at large.

The fourth factor is preparing to adapt. For such a plan to be carried out, it is essential that the workforce remains flexible under all circumstances because the future is not known with certainty. Implementing a corporate plan is an ongoing process that may take time for it to be substantial. There will be many instances of unforeseen challenges and mistakes that need to be mended. However, all these depend on The Bradley Company's culture. The Bradley Company with a strong culture ensures that all the changes have been addressed with ease and creatively believing in the fact that no challenge is tough to handle and believing that the plan is worth all the effort being put in place. All these are made possible when people are transparent in their dealings.

Lastly, it is essential to motivate and engage. In an organization where you intend to implement a corporate responsibility plan, it is crucial always to ensure that the employees are motivated and are up to date with all the events that are taking place - having motivated employees' means that they understand the mission and vision of the organization thoroughly. Showing employees how they can be part of a plan gives them morale and shows them that they are valued. People tend to be more willing to contribute fully to something if they feel that they are being engaged. As a team leader, it is advisable to always communicate with the staff about how far you have come. Show them the progress of The Bradley Company over the last few years and the measures you have been taking to ensure all the goals are achieved. By creating a plan, employees can see the targets that The Bradley Company plans to accomplish in the future and are likely to take part in it as their own. In case the plans feel unrealistic, it is good to address the issue with transparency and always insist that the firm is headed in the right direction.

The Workforce

It is vital that the workforce is the A team. Having employees who have The Bradley Company's best interest at heart is critical. Ensure that the employees are well trained and motivated about the plan. It is also crucial that you select employees who have shown great passion for community service and who are willing to work that extra mile to ensure the realization of The Bradley Company's objectives for implementing the corporate responsibility plan. The employees should be enough to avoid falling short of labor while still achieving the plan. Having to look for extra employees may be costly and time-consuming leading to delays in the process. An energetic workforce is also very helpful in implementing the plan.

The Bradley Company classifies their employees according to age and gender among other items. A young workforce will be more efficient because they are swift and accurate. The overall group will consist of the manager and his assistant, the executive director and his assistant, the finance manager and the group secretary who is in charge of noting down all the necessary points during meetings. Also, the plan must include other people who are now in charge of the minor roles in the plan. However, it is good to exchange these roles among the group so that all of them have a chance to participate in the leadership as well as the other minor roles.

Among all these people, there has to be a gender balance to avoid a particular group of people feeling intimidated. There has to be a 50-50 ratio shared between men and women. Also, work hard to ensure women also participate in leadership roles. This ensures that the workforce is productive because you are showing support to everyone taking into account their rights. This helps you retain the best employees on your team.

Estimated Costs

While looking at the strategic costs, it is important to take note of all the expenses that may accrue in the course of the plan. You should consider the time spent by your employees. This time is special because it has been dedicated outside the normal time spent while working. Money may also work as a motivation to the employees. There are also some offsite meeting costs. These costs occur when you seek an outside venue to conduct discussions about your plans. New ideas require new settings. Booking these places for meetings may be expensive somehow, and their cost needs to be catered for in the overall budget.

Another cost is the travelling cost that is the cost used to travel from one place to another to look for venues to conduct meetings and also the people who are going out there to conduct the field work. (Gaurangkumar, 2015). The last cost is consultation costs. This includes experts from various fields who advise The Bradley Company on the best course of actions to take, and the trends in the market and the most likely issues to be addressed during corporate responsibility.

Entrepreneurial and Social Needs to Be Addressed

The first entrepreneurial need that will be addressed is the ability to make money. To effectively manage and run any business, the owner should be able to understand their performance first. Ask yourself if you spend more than you make, and if the answer is yes, then you need to look for better ways to manage your cash otherwise you will struggle to make the business stand on its own. Secondly is the ability to be productive. To become a very successful entrepreneur, you have to be productive. You have to figure out when your staff is productive and maximize on that to produce maximum output.

To be successful in business, you have to brand yourself. You need to work on creating a line so unique that it overshadows all the other items in the same line that exist in the market. In our case here, we need to produce the best quality of fruits and vegetables that will be accepted worldwide. The other issue is the ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses. After that, maximize your strengths to make the best decisions businesswise as an entrepreneur one should have the ability to hire the most effective people through recognizing the best talent. The ability to sell should be part of an entrepreneur because of the need to close a deal. You need...

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