Evaluation Essay Sample on Emirates Airline: 50+ Sectors and Online Booking

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Date:  2023-03-11


The Emirates airline company has diverse industrial sectors such as the engineering sector and catering sectors. The company has at least 50 sectors of its parent company(Canales et al., 2018, p.100). From the Emirates airline company, the company has established a website for the public to acquire airline services through the use of the internet that helps people to book a ticket directly from the site. In this case, the strategy is decomposed to the objective of the company to realize the goals of the program. The first thing the company needs to manage in the program is communication. In this context, the Emirates Airline company has established an internet website that involves various department with each department having significant roles to play. For instance, the company as establish in-flight entertainment that attracts customers, and that has led to an increase in demand for services customer experience and satisfaction. The Emirates airline company has created an extensive Cargo division, which improved business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and other countries. From the strategy of creating Cargo, the company defines its programs and objectives.

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The Emirates airline company has implemented the RTA development provision of building sustainable transportation. Emirates Airline Company follow the strictly international standard set by Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to allow its strategy to match with the set rules and regulation. The company has two sponsorship projects under RTA strategies such as sponsoring the Real Madrid football club and an Australian cricket team. The company specify the roles of the stakeholders in providing in-flight services forms with a critical investment that allows the company to help set a premium standard in the flight business operations. In Emirates Airline company, the program is formulated from the needs and the projects, and then the strategy is formulated as specified in RTA interview.

The limousine services introduced by Dubai Taxi Corporation has improved the position of the taxi in Dubai into another level. As a luxury chauffeur-driven vehicle service, limousine satisfies the needs of visitors. From the needs of the visitors is what the company uses to establish its strategy such as the Limousine services, which have boosted the tourism industry to thrive and develop the economy of Dubai generally. Based on the visitor's needs, a Dubai taxi corporation aimed to offer a safe and sustainable transportation system and introduced an airport taxi as a strategy. The airport taxis services customers to commute various Emirates from the airport. The plan as a timeline of services to satisfy the needs of the customers. The company offers training taxis offices as a means of helping customers and has an internet-based taxi service to help regular commuters in the United Arab Emirates and foreigners. The GPS and trackers design and develops regular road services to prevent accidents and various road conditions and information.

Abu Dhabi department works towards the vision of integrating and ensuring suitable transport for a better life. In this company, no single department can handle the project by itself because of the complexity. Thus, the department has incorporated surface transport master plan 2-Andrew transportation sectors in Dubai. The policy covers the implementation program for metropolitans Abu Dhabi and the conceptual transport strategy outlined in the plan Abu Dhabi 2030. The plan aspires to achieve usage by a variety of people, enhanced pedestrian realm, the array of choices, and linked to development. STMP discusses and identifies environmental, cultural, social, and economic issues.

Research Limitations

The emirates airline corporation lacks clarity strategies to help the company to increase its revenue from that observed in the previous year. Unlike the Dubai taxis and Abu Dhabi Department of transport, the Emirates Airline Company lacks the required commitment needed for expanding online services to the customers. As compared to Abu Dhabi and Dubai Taxi, the Emirates Airline Company lacks effective collaborative means between the government and the top management officials. Based on the lack of alignment and failure to account for environmental pollution in the three corporations, the development of the strategic frame becomes weaker.


There is a need for the three transport companies to use the right alignment policies for the companies to achieve their ultimate goals and growth. For instance, the SMTP strategy used by Abu Dhabi should align with social, economic, political, and environmental issues to increase profitability and efficiency. If the company decides to develop a strategy with the right alignment, there needs to create an organization structure of work where all stakeholders view counts.


In conclusion, from the three cases, the managers and the top management officials should expand the use of SMTP strategies and align all of the company's projects to RTA strategy to become the leading transportation system in Dubai. All the stakeholders' views and ideas should count in developing the programs. Thus, the stakeholders can check what had been done in the development stages and validate the following phase.

Reference List

Canales, R.G., Pehuenche, P.A. and Pizarro, D.C., 2018. Implementacion de estrategias de control en el area de calidad de la seccion de preparacion y montaje de alimentos para companias aereas. International Journal of Management & Social Studies, 2(1), pp.89-122.

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