Evaluation Essay on Phaust Company: Environmental Issues and Design Challenges

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Date:  2022-04-15


Phaust, a paint remover company aims at establishing a new plant in Mexico with Fred Martinez as the project manager. The most significant environmental issues in the establishment of the plant related to the decision on whether to line the evaporation ponds since leakage may lead to the entry of chemicals to the drainage system and water bodies. The dilemma, in this case, arises from the difference between the environmental standards in the United States and Mexico (National Institute for Engineering Ethics, 2005). The Mexico regulations on protection of environmental place no legal obligations on processing plants to lay evaporation ponds. However, ethical considerations do not end at the United States border.

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Design Challenges

Technical issues occur during the commencement of the plant and development stages. Challenges at initial phases include limited time for feasibility studies and design of the project model (Alfaro et al., 2015). I think that Fred opts for replicating Chemitoil company project plan with due consideration of the specific conditions of Phaust company.

The project budget limits the purchase of steel pipes alloy. As a result, Fred buys substandard connectors and pipes. The low quality materials lack the ability to sustain high temperature and pressure leading to leakage in initial tests. I think Frank handled the challenge experienced by looking for cheaper alternatives without considering the applicability.

Failure of the automated system leading to the adoption of the manual system. Phaust Company is unable to afford efficient controls sold by Lutz company and leading to the adoption of inefficient technology. I think that Fred major concern was minimizing set up costs. Therefore, he did not determine the cost-benefit relationship of the less expensive controls. (Boardman et al., 2017). In addition, the manual system hinders delegation of duties other reparations include the existence of equipment that poses health risk to the workers, which cause the death who dies in the work place while manually controlling the systems.

The project manager might have underrated the existence of harm resulting from the conduct of subjective harm test (Swanson et al., 2017). In addition, Fred might have realised the possibility of accidents occurring in the workplace but fails to respond due to lack of resources.


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