Evaluation Essay on Eagles Soccer Team

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Date:  2022-07-16


Eagles is a soccer team formed in 2010 at Iron Heights High School. It is made up of two teams each with 30 players and 10 coaching and support staff. Eagles intend to purchase a new set of playing and training uniform in preparation of this season's upcoming inter-school championships in November, four months from now. The new playing and training uniform will cost a hundred and fifty dollars per person. This fundraiser, therefore, targets to raise ten thousand five hundred dollars. We have been elected as the fundraiser's committee to spearhead this project.

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The team appreciates the support we intend to receive from the school board as it is made up of our community members. The community around the school is vital for the fundraiser to succeed (Cuccia & Rizzo, 2016). We hope to receive the most support from them. This includes access to space owned by local businesses. We intend to set up change collection jars in convenience stores and have flyers on display behind the payment counters to sensitize the community about our fundraiser. Eagles shall set up a stand in the farmers market each Wednesday and weekend. This stand will sell Eagles branded merchandise and souvenirs and food stations to sell snacks and drinks whose proceeds will go towards the Eagles uniform kitty. This will target fans who have watched the team in action and other well-wishers too who will have a chance to learn about the team and what it stands for while creating champions (Froelich, 2009).

The entity intends to have up to 100 volunteers for this project from students picked from all classes in Iron Heights High School. Volunteers who run fundraisers need training on how to approach people and develop relationships which is what this fundraiser is about; bringing the community together (Gronbjerg, 2013). Volunteers will meet with the fundraising secretariat biweekly in the school's gymnasium in the evening after school breaks. This will be an open forum to share ideas and also train them on how to build and widen their networks which will be excellent for the Eagles fundraiser. The volunteers will then spread the message using social media and messaging platforms starting with their social circles.

The main fundraising event gala will be held on a date to be picked in October a month before the championships commence. We intend to hold it in the Eagles home ground; the schools playing field. There will be a showcase match between the girls' and boys' team and other fun activities which includes games and puzzle solving. This is intended to make the community own the fundraiser process. We intend to host up to two thousand attendees including parents and friends of the school. Tickets for this events will be on sale for twenty dollars for adults and ten dollars for children above twelve years of age. Food and drinks will also be on sale and proceeds will go to the Eagles team uniform fund. Any extra amount raised will go towards a kitty for all future uniform and sports equipment needs.

Eagles have set up a go-fund-me page where all donations are received electronically. There are also multiple cash collection jars which are lockable and can only be opened by members of the fundraising committee to guarantee the safety of money collected (Gronbjerg, 2013). These will be set up on the premises of business supporting us by offering us space to promote our fundraiser.


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