Ethical Intelligence

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Date:  2021-03-14

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Ethical intelligence is a type of sustainable leadership that has various benefits in the society and greatly helps in the building of the leadership skills in the current generations. This has been of great importance in the society as it helps in the development of work-related ethics and this focuses on the development of integrity, professionalism and trust. This calls for the society to acquire various skills that help in enforcing trust in the professional world. There are various ideas that serve as the foundation of ethical intelligence and which require the society to adopt in order to ensure that there is the promotion of professionalism in the work environments. Emotional intelligence relates closely with ethical intelligence and this is because emotional intelligence deals with becoming aware about what people feel about themselves and others. Ethical intelligence on the other hand deals with the use of emotional intelligence in the right manner.

In this manner, emotional intelligence submits that an individual not only needs to know the right thing to do but also having the courage to do the right thing in the professional world. In this manner, what can be adopted from intelligence is to ensure that one becomes successful in his profession and aids in the success of the organization. This is because there are various challenges that requiring people from different backgrounds and which calls for the society to acquire the necessary skills to suit in the various organizational setups. Another idea that the model supports is that there is need for the society to ensure that they maintain strong and fruitful relationships with the friends and family in order to optimize on the success in the professions. Finally, there is need for individuals to have a high self-esteem to prosper in the professional world and achieve the right kind of success.

Leadership practices that can be adopted

One of the leadership practices that on can get from the ethical intelligence is to develop a high degree of integrity in every activity that one engages in; this calls for the society to carry pout ones activity with a high quality and ensure that the results that are achieved meet or outperform the laid down standards. Integrity calls for the efficient and effective work ethics and delivering high quality results that help in the fulfillment of organizational goals. The other leadership practice is professionalism which calls for the society to adopt the set organizational standards and help in the fulfillment of organizational goals. Professionalism deals with the commitment to fulfill organizational goals and building of interpersonal relationships in the organization. The final leadership practice that is evident in ethical intelligence is trust and this is the need for the society to earn the trust of others in order to develop the right sense of professionalism.

The merits of the advice of ethical intelligence

There are various merits of ethical intelligence and one of them is that it helps in the building of another form of leadership practice, which is emotional intelligence. This helps in the building of the society and ensures that the society engage sin the building of human capacity for the delivery of organizational goals. Ethical intelligence therefore has greater benefits in the society because of the interest that it puts on the building of personal integrity that improves on the benefits principles and skills. Finally, ethical intelligence is useful in that its effectiveness is evident in the solution of the various challenges that the human society face. Through ethical leadership, the society can help in tackling of some of the toughest challenges that people face.


Watts, D. L. (2013). The relationship of ethical behavior in the workplace to emotional intelligence and perceived leader integrity. TREVECCA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY.

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