Ethical Conducts Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-01

Ethical conduct in law enforcement is critical. Leaders within the law enforcement play important roles in determining the ethical conduct and orientation of their activities. Ethics is a key component in any agency's culture and any leaders and officers should abide by it and behave ethically. Respecting the rights and freedom of others by the law enforcers is part of ethics that at last brings peace and understanding among the people. For these to happen in any agency, leaders should demonstrate ethical action, which is effective to both them and members of the public. As a leader in law enforcement, there are also some actions that are to be taken to create an ethical environment that is favorable to both parties under the law enforcement agencies.

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Ethical behaviors should be considered as part of a formal event and training session. As a leader in the law enforcement, I will make sure that ethical practices are being taught during training sessions. By doing these, the police, other law enforcement officers, and leaders will be in a better position to handle disasters such as corruption, unprofessional conduct, and stories of biases. The problem that arises in when crime models strictly adhere at the expense of ethical behavior must be into the knowledge of the agency.

Unethical activities in my agency will never be tolerated, which include behaviors that are unethical and may cause harm to both the police department and the surrounding. According to Garcia (2003), the issue of social responsibility for women fights for equality for women soldiers in police organizations to eradicate biases. As a leader, I will consider that there be some accessing of behavior and determining if it is appropriate for every member of the law enforcement unit. There would be zero tolerance for any unethical activities by the executives or any other member of the law enforcement unit. These will reduce the stories circulating the social media about some ethical conducts that present a negative image to the public (Johnson, 2004).

Mission statements will be put into practice. This is where I will incorporate agency values and ideas through the mission statement. The values of the law enforcement unit will be displayed in the mission statement, and all people are to follow. I would go extra into it, as I will present the mission statement to each worker where the workers ought to sign for confirmation that they would abide by the rules as stated in the mission statement. By doing this, there would be a powerful reminder to the workers about their values as well as how they help portray a positive picture in public. The strategy will suppress the narration of stories by the media about corruption, biases and unprofessional conducts.

Duty manuals will also help maintain the ethical standard in law enforcement. This manual should support the mission statement and be accepted by all the people. The law enforcement unit will issue manuals including standard of conduct, acceptance of rewards and gifts, abuse of position and power and conflict of interest to every police officer. Other lessons will be included in the duty manuals (Morreale, 2004). Things such as drinking alcohol and other drugs, use of force, the collection of evidence, management of investigation, dealing with the court appearance, handling arrest, taking responsibility of the department property and use of force will be addressed. Duty manuals will also display the duties of the supervisors and there conducts while working. They include obeying and issuing orders, conducting investigation fairly and issuing orders to the workers.

Investigation of all ethics complaints will be done to the letter. This will ensure and motivate the members and the law enforcement unit to comply with the rules, regulation, and policies if the agency. All investigations will be accurate and maintain clear standards. There will be the creation of strategies that would establish a procedure of receiving complaints and administering fair disciplinary action (Ortmeier, 2004). The records of all investigations will be stored in a secured location to ensure confidentiality. Moreover, the police will be informed on the process for filing complaints, which will be accepted as valuable information. Those that have been found guilty as per the investigation should be arrested and face the law. By doing these, corruption, biases and unprofessional conduct will be less circulating in the news and social media.


Coming up with leaders who are ethically right creates a peaceful and humble working condition of a law enforcement organization. Corruption and other unethical behaviors display a negative picture to the public and must cease. Police require public favor to be effective and productive in their work, and they do this by exhibiting the highest level of ethical standards. Leaders and other senior staff should display high moral conduct and be the role model to the juniors. A fair and just method for conducting investigations gives the agency a sense of high moral code. Supervisors and leaders of the law investigation unit should work to prevent unethical behaviors from happening in the organization. If all these are, done corruption biases and unprofessional conduct will never be aired in the news or posted on social media.


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