Essay Sample: The Occurrence of Knowledge Management in Scientific Papers

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Date:  2021-04-02

Many scientists and scholars of different disciplines have carried out research with various motives. There are those who streamline their efforts in devising new viewpoints of addressing issues and those who modify the existing one; this is all in line with creativity and innovation. The question that has failed to get a definitive explanation concerns the whereabouts of the findings. What happens to the gathered ideas? Imperatively, this has necessitated a need for generating a new discipline "knowledge management." Unlike other developed fields, knowledge management is still in its initial stages as there are scholars in support and those against it, as far as methodologies and research procedures are concerned. This paper critically assesses knowledge management as a discipline by highlighting some innovative and feasible ways for improving the quality of study outcomes.

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Establishing Knowledge Management within Scientific Papers

Logically, knowledge management (KM) is a process of coming up with new information or ideas, assessing its use, managing and putting it into practice. It may mean an effective and efficient way of handling ideas of an individual organization; this can be a commercial or non-commercial setup. Historically, this body of knowledge has been in existence for a very long time though in other disciplines. Most of the large and performing companies worldwide apply knowledge management as one of the strategies, and without it, their operations are likely to fail.

The proponents have done much about knowledge management, but there are still more new ideas that can be incorporated to make it better. Some of the major ideas involve; conducting proper and adequate research, which can act as the ultimate reference point for this discipline. Without research, any body of knowledge cannot be categorized as they may be considered mere assumptions and hypothesis with no basis. More research gives adequate findings, which later on summed up into a more convincing conclusion.

The methods applied in carrying out research are of great significance. Making use of both descriptive and inferential methods is important. This hybrid approach ensures widespread coverage of both theoretical and numerical aspect of the discipline so as to avoid biases. The methods to be applied in recording and summarizing of data should be simple to the extent that; can be quickly interpreted to enhance the process. Research also needs to embrace technology, which is a factor that keeps on changing with time. The dynamism of its application makes it necessary in carrying out research as the expectations of the scholars also differ. Technology being a major factor in research has diversified citation methods, English principles and even grammar making it a major influence in knowledge management discipline.

Secondly, concerns assessment of the missing knowledge links; in this context, scholars are likely to make a comparison with other related disciplines to determine what essential aspect is missing. It is the gap that research questions are formulated to trigger concerns that lead to the in-depth exploration of an issue of concern. It is important to limit the opportunity for questioning by diversifying the breadth of knowledge and deepening perspectives despite the fact that debate is mandatory. Scientific understanding and its management is multidisciplinary and therefore likely to face a greater challenge. For instance, many people may prefer doing without it due to its inclusion in various subject areas. Scientific studies are predisposed to becoming a foundation for many other disciplines as it makes efficient use and manages information relevant to many other disciplines. Additionally, in a similar context, knowledge management is critical considering a large technology company that may be seeking ideas on how to improve some of its operation. It is critical to have the gaps or record some of the potential areas of any institution to meet their expectations, and that is a way of improving the usefulness of the discipline as an area of study.

Thirdly, identifying experts in the areas of focus, KM streamlines its efforts in many dimensions of humanity. For instance, different professionals have influenced a single aspect such as the environment. When such individuals are involved in floating their ideas, they are likely to have a wider impact and influence on the target group. Such experts may be environmentalists, astronauts or those in any other fields. Their contributions are likely not to be limited to the current affairs affecting the society but also the emerging issues and future expectations in the particular area of study. At their capacity, they have a versed knowledge that covers all aspects surrounding the concerned line of education and is likely to meet demands of the readers.

Finally, pulling of experience and observing the experts in action, is another important way of gathering and managing information especially when action is taking place by the expertise. While managing the information in books, it is vital to quote the dates, periods and mark the outlined field of specialization. It is crucial to note that, not all experts give their ideas in totality, there needs to be a particular aspect that they hide from the public, which makes them unique. The idea of pulling knowledge out of their actions is a paramount part of knowledge acquisition and management.


Disciplines have undergone a range of improvements through criticisms and theories advanced by diverse groups of scholars of a different experience. From scratch and through a series of researches, a lot have been proven as facts and fiction and together formed a distinct body of knowledge. Generally, for ideas to qualify and gain profile as a science, they must possess scientific procedures and principles. Additionally, other elements are essential and to begin with, many types of research must be carried out to cater for the emerging issues and expectations of the society to improve the discipline. Second, assessment of the existing gaps should proceed with a motive of reducing criticism, which sometimes demoralizes individuals despite the fact that they are necessary for growth. Thirdly, Knowledge management involves experts of the particular area of study, which is an essential factor in meeting a broad coverage of information and finally, pulling the knowledge and observing the experts in action. Considerably, the world is dynamic, and expectations of every generation change with time. Therefore, it is important to understand all the needs of the people as a few are up to create and innovate but many to point mistakes and criticize to their best, but both are parts of exploration and expansions of how humankind perceives nature, phenomena, and their contemporary experiences. This all leads to new approaches for dealing with contemporary challenges.

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