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Date:  2022-11-21


Since the adoption of the SAFE framework by the World Customs Organization Council in June 2005, the framework has since been updated regularly in order to address the dynamic trends in international chain management. The instrument, among other things, has enabled the modernization of supply chain standards worldwide. Further, it has ushered the recognition of the importance of closer partnerships between customs and business, and enabled the end-to-end goods management moving across borders. It has harmonized the working together of government agencies, customs, and economic operators towards a common goal of supply chain security. Generally, the foundation of the framework on different pillars that brings partnerships with different agencies in international supply chain results to huge benefits especially to the business operators.

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Chiefly, the framework is founded on four elements; harmonization of modernized electronic cargo information requirements on transit shipments, inbound and outbound, requires the performance of an outbound inspection of transport conveyances and high risk cargo by the sending nation's Customs administration, a suggestion of the benefits to enjoyed by the businesses that meet the minimal security standards, and that each country committed to SAFE Framework employs addresses security threats by applying a consistent risk management approach ("World Customs Organization," 2018). These elements rest in three pillars namely Customs-to-Business partnerships, Customs-to-customs network arrangements and Customs-to-other Government Agencies co-operations. These pillars forms the framework's foundation and enables all agencies enjoy full benefits of the framework.

Economic operators benefit from the framework through faster and safer processing of goods by Customs. For example, the reduced examination rates allow the business operators to realize more savings in costs and time saved. Further, the predictability, uniformity of the framework, and reduced complex and multiple requirements ensure that investors fully benefit in good and secure practices and systems. This benefit id majorly realized under the Customs-to-Business pillar ("World Customs Organization," 2018). Notably, the pillar ensures that partnerships are established between Customs administrators with the private sector in ensuring security and safety in the international supply chain. In other words, the pillar allows the establishment of a private sector with security guarantees and in turn promoting international trade ("World Customs Organization," 2018). As a way of realizing secure international trade supply chain, the framework requires, as one of its requirements, that complete, timely, verifiable and accurate records relating to imports and exports.


In a nutshell, the establishment of the SAFE Framework by the WCO has enabled the realization of safer systems and practices in the international supply chain. The framework has and is expected to yield great benefits to businesses and all agencies involved in international supply chain. With the requirements in security measures, such as the requirement of records related to imports and exports, the sending customs administration and the receiving nation's customs administration are in a position to enjoy the full benefits of the framework while ensuring safety systems and practices.


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