Essay Sample on The United States Multiple Conflicts

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The society of American attained its goals between the years 1930 and 1945. The social order clusters people into different classes based on their positions and strengths. This categorization causes a conflict of interests due to the paradox of values. These upraise of conflicts has continuously created vested interests in different disciplines. Social conflict emanates from struggles and competition of interests. In the 1930s different wars set the platform that based vicious warfare with the Lakota in Minnesota's history (Dahlin, 2012). The war incised indelible significance on the white settlers and the descendants thereafter due to the multiple deaths. After the war, the Dakota were moved west to protect them from the whites' revenge.

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The Dawes Severalty Act was significant in that unassigned Indian Territory lands so as to open them for white settlement. It caused the disappearance of the Native Indians, the loss of fifty percent of land acreage that was previously in Indian's possession, the destruction of the reservation system, and the disappearance of many elements that constituted the Native American tribal culture (Stremlau, 2005). White Americans played Indianans to depict fantasies racial stereotyping and tropes of the non-western people. The performance of American Indians encompassed different practices and behaviors that were Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving pageants in elementary schools, athletic mascots, tea parties, New Age spiritualism, and ethnography among others. This enacting promotion of racial caricature formed the widest mimicry to populate the culture and beliefs of the Indians. Key components that were used to play Indian especially in schools and professional sports accompanied the performers in cheering squad to evoke courage, ruthlessness, barbaric savage, and the quality of strength (Huhndorf, 2001). While playing Indian, Americans showed the self -determining the culture of the indicant people. They tried to depict the fabricated identity of the indigenous Indians due to the stereotypes they had suffered under the oppressive colonization of the Americans. The historical aping was inherent sovereignty and self-governance that had existed in the Indian communities to preserve their cultural heritage.

The revolution of industrial growth in the 19th century, few people rose into capitalism, turning majority into industrial workers. Historically, class struggles of oppression were not interrupted by resistance. Members of different categories acknowledged their social status without contending to progress to higher levels. The struggle to scramble for benefits leads to class conflict and proletarian revolution. This conflict saw the widening of the class gap and deterioration of exploitation conditions. These conflicts resulted in a collapse of social structures. Application of the dialectical materialism, historical materialism and Marxist economics on conflict of social forces engage the concept of the method of class progression ability in prejudice society. Members of a particular social orientation are convinced that little or nothing can change in their lives. Exploitation. Dialectical materialism helps evolution and uninterrupted world transformation to reduce material swindling. The transformation increases consciousness to react to environmental surroundings and other people's wellbeing.

Finally, conflict in early America cannot be separated with daily life because it occurs too frequent to be avoided in social change and interactions. It forms every aspect of modern living and potential individualized thinking of civilized men. Personal enrichment at the expense of others takes deep root as life struggles widen. The power of class division will always exist because there is no one instance when everyone will have equal opportunities and similar interests. Therefore people of certain social classes are said to choose the situation and power control. Though Marxism states that people have the mandate to dictate their confinement in a particular social class as well as their social mobility, the situational outcome is dependent on the values, goals, and interests.


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