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Rarely do we view the state from a cultural dimension even though political boundaries are required to be cultural variable. Culture refers to the values and beliefs of the people who are tied to the tradition and language. Despite the problems of boundaries, it is possible to identify regional cultures differences within the United States. The United States cultural diversity can be drawn initially from different traditional societies amongst which one is Tennessee. Tennesseans play a critical role in enhancing both the national and southern religious cultures. The state traditional cultural patterns try to unite the Tennesseans of all races and the broader population of United States. In this study, therefore, the impacts of Tennesseans on the American national culture based will be explored and most finding, in this case, will be based on the article "Evangelicals, Fugitive, and Hillbillies: Tennessee Impact by the American National Culture" Authored by Paul K Conkin.

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Tennessee being a southern state, slavery and slave abolition become familiar. The state had a large number of black people who were initially slaves, and therefore, varsity of culture borrowed from the diverse African ethnicity is quite prevalent. Religion united diversity in culture in the south. Although they had a different culture, region become a common ground under which people would come together. The religious grounds did not only bring black people together, but it was also a ground through which persons from other races including whites were united with a common goal of worship. A geographical bridge was also prevalent in this case too. Religious and evangelical domination of different groups and races mostly whites were launched in Tennessee where each had a wide following. Revivals, camps, and spiritual retreats become common and widely used by different religions to spread the gospel, and at the same time, religion was leveraged in promoting education a common trait commonly adopted in the wider United States today (Conkin, 254). The presence of multiple religious groups each with different ideology caused tension in Tennessee and vigorous spiritual experiences of uniting and separation of churches. Today much or religious gathering in the United States had first had their history in Tennessee before establishing in other states. There has been being a lot of religious history and literature borrowing from Tennessee to broader United States over the years creating a significant impact on the American Christian culture.


Tennessee's have had many impacts on the American national culture. Tennessee's mainly contributed to developing different talents, however minimally in sciences and arts. Developing of talent in return nurtured the states people creativity. Tennessee's has had a renowned number of talented artists in literature, which is poetry and music's among other literary areas. The talent captured traditionally was fundamentally oral, until later in the years with the sprung of civilization their work begun to be recorded in writing (Conkin, 256). Tennessee's have had a leadership role in literature; this was as a result of Vanderbilt University. In the 1920s, the American referred to the south as literal wasteland since most of its writers were celebrated before the world war I while only a few were celebrated afterward(Conkin, 257). Tennessee's helped create a demanding literary culture thus making Tennessee become a magnet for attracting the able writers. For example, ransom and Tate helped create a new critic that had a huge impact on the teaching of literature. Tennessee's contributed its share of the able poets, critics, and novelists. Tennessee contribution was due to the role of Vanderbilt in creating an institutional setting for the literary growth that acted as an attraction to the aspiring critics and writers. Tennessee's served as the backbone of renaissance and even got identified with it thus making it gain an originate and institutional role in the American history of religion.


Tennesseans have also had an impact on music, but until recently they did not have the cultural recourses to enhance music education and performance to help train those that were skilled in music composition. Tennessee's were profoundly linked to the country music, they listened and appreciated country music thus endorsing it with their support. They played a vital role in music since, as it was the case for religion and literature, the role was mainly institutional. The Tennesseans were more talented in music as compared to performers from other states, for example, There were eight Tennessee who are in the American country hall of fame(Conkin, 261). Therefore, this suggests that Tennessee was there at the birth and creation of the country music which is popular today in the United States. Tennessee 's were as creative as the other people, often, the creativity involved incorporation of work and played that a low-income society had to have a bit of practical value Today the country music has nearly become undefined and always blending into several music styles. It has developed both nationally and internationally; polls indicate that country music is the most popular music genre in the United States


Through assessing the areas in which Tennessee made a huge impact on the national culture does not seem fair to the entire natural resources of the state. This means a different focus should be employed on people's beliefs and values on the minimal impact beyond Tennessee. It involves huge research of Tennesseans who identify themselves in high culture; this would include first, surveying efforts to gain performance in the theatre. Secondly., better museum and attention on the Tennessee institutions which had huge impacts on the physical sciences such as laboratories, thirdly, it would also involve survey on the Tennesseans who identified themselves approximately all field scholarship. The contribution of the Tennesseans has not gone out of line with that of other people in other states. Only in literature, religion and country music has Tennessee put a huge influence upon the nation's culture.

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Conkin Paul K. "Evangelicals, Fugitives, and Hillbillies: Tennessee's Impact on American National Culture." Tennessee Historical Quarterly 54.3 (1995): 246.

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