Essay Sample on Socio-Economic Inequality

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Date:  2022-12-05


Could It Be True That the Current Evidenced Gap Widening In-between the Rich and The Poor in The European Countries Is as A Result of Socio-Economic Segregation, Political Differences or What Exactly May Be the Causative Agent and how?

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America, being the central point of the European cities, has of late realized a depreciation in their economic inequality in various states of the U.S. Research has it that amongst the thirteen top rated cities, the effect has affected almost three quarters and the reason for this is, therefore, the only utterance that America is waiting to hear from the analysts so that possible gentrification is done if at all it's possible (FLORIDA).

Political differences may not be the cause of the massacre since these are developed countries and to be specific, European countries are ever cool politically due to the high levels of democracy and integrity adopted in the states and cities. In these countries, gentrification and plutocratization, or locational prerogatives of the people who are most advantaged may be the at the top among the causes of the continued inequality for the past one decade.

In other developed countries, frequent wars against the terrorists or instability within the countries may lead to the widened rang linking the rich and the poor since, during wars, the low and the middle-class individuals suffer directly while the high-class people escape to various neighboring countries to hide until there is peace , this reduces the general lifestyle of the middle class and the low-class citizens while other royal families lives are either elevated or remain at top levels, as a result, a country experiencing more wars and attacks from its neighbors is likely to suffer the problem of resources inequality between its citizens due to the rise in the number of the poor individuals (Ikejiaku).

However, following the debating on ethnic segregation in urban Europe which includes 13 cities, studies have it that ethnic segregation results due to lack of inconsistency in a countries economic sector output. Various countries experience this in a unique manner, like in Germany it is said that at first, German officials viewed segregation as a mere spatial problem then later, policies of fighting any occurrence was established, but the officials were so reluctant that these policies were never followed except when the problem had dispersed into various parts of the country the government realized. Nuremberg, Netherlands, Bremen, Hague, and many more countries are some of the few that are currently experiencing the problem of socio-economic inequality which is, in turn, reducing the individual's living standards in these countries by spreading the problem of poverty.


In conclusion, the analysis comparison of origin of socio-economic segregation covered all potholes, attitudes, policy responses and conceptions. Therefore, the source of the incoming poverty in the developed countries like U.S.A is characterized by the lack of inconsistency in its economic production which can also be referred to as socio-economic inequality.

Works Cited, B. V. (2009). The relationship between poverty, conflict, and development. Journal of Sustainable Development, 2(1), 15-28.

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