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Social networking provides a global arena through which people virtually interact with online-made friends rather than family members and relatives in the vicinity (Baz 3). At the comfort of one's bedroom, living room, school, workplace, and even a playground, a person may express its pressing issue of concern whether to the social media community. Social media, specifically, Facebook has become the top used platform across all population of the world despite their age groups, social status, and all gender. However, social media is popular among youths and college students who feel more accumulated in the community. The social platforms, which allow users to build and reflect their real-life social aspects through user creation of the profile and other services have had positive and negative effects on the lives depending on how the image of the user is perceived in the society (Mohamed-Mahmoud 1016).

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With the consideration of personal profile, to be precise, I have not done good enough to reflect best of the personal traits in the social media. Although I have well built significant aspects of personal life such family relationships and educational life, I must admit that I am somehow addicted to social networking usage (Baz 3). The pictures that I have posted on my personal Facebook account along with my classmates in the school library and another one when I was on a vacation trip to my grandparent's place were intended to keep the best memories of the year. That picture exhibits the kind of the social interaction that I have with friends and relatives, which I purposed to share with rest my friend list makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated. Apart from the images, with the advancement in Facebook, I have shared life videos, made online video calls, and messaged a number of my virtual friends trying to explore their lifestyle; economic, social, and cultural facets of the place they live.

In the review of the posts that I have made on my facebook profile somehow most of the information that I have included along the posts are a true and real reflection of the physical and psychological well-being of oneself (Hochman 7). For example, I have made posts to exclaim the anger and sadness I had after my favorite team lost to the rival team. Also, I expressed the lonely feeling after I broke up a love relationship with my partner sometimes back. Moreover, with the review of my personal Facebook profile, an intruder can use physical trace my location with the use of the credentials that I used to open the facebook profile such as my date of birth, home address and contacts. Moreover, some of the pictorial posts have some pictures that can be considered when trying to locate places that I had visited which limits the extent of my privacy

In every job that I have made, some of them I can consider them positive in that they are essential in the reflection of the development of personal life and intended knowledge to influence the social development of other individuals. A post that I wrote on the environmental issues a niche that I am interested in exhibits me to the rest of the community as an environmentally averse person. My post on global warming makes me an individual who is aware of the effects of climate change, the world's trending issue of concern and a youth who is committed to conservation and protection of its environment. Such posts that postulate the owns knowledge gap are useful in the career life for unemployed youths, whereby whenever your bosses are to make a comparative advantage as an employment criterion using personal Facebook profile, I would be in a better hand to secure the job (Hochman 7).

Again, I have classmates and neighborhood friends who are users of Facebook as a social networking site, but when I consider most of the information they post on their profiles, it's certainly not accurate (Amedie 5). I have noticed that most of them who never made it to the college education level have claimed that they are graduates in renowned universities of the nation, which is falsehood information for most social media users (Mastrodicasa & Metellus 23). Moreover, some of them write posts on calming to have a lavish and luxury lifestyle in Malaysian beaches hotels and spas when they are loitering in the back stress of the suburbs with sub-standard lifestyle. Its matter of fact that indeed few people tell the truth on the lifestyle they are living in social networking platforms since pictures, locations, and videos can be edited to suit one's self-established situation. When interacting virtually, users should be cautious about how friends' posts affect their personal life and emotional development or else you can degrade your self-esteem for no significant reason.

The social media image of a person is virtual and very different from the reality when you meet the user behind the profile (Baz 3). Sometimes, people take to the social media to earth the loneliness and desperation that they have after being isolated from families and their loved ones. When my neighborhood friend relocated to Canada as their new home place, it was unhappy with the situation and was saddened with the event. Aftermath the relocation, the guy spent more time on facebook live video chatting with the old friend to create the previous social interaction he had in the neighborhoods. The addiction to Facebook usage caused its desperation feeling; thus, he needed to maintain the old friends through virtual networking (Mastrodicasa & Metellus 28). The usage of the social network has negatively influenced my cousin to the extent that it taints her integrity and family reputation. She never evaluates the content she posts on her real social media profile regarding written posts, shared videos and images. She always tries to emulate the models of the top hip-hop female rappers who barely dress half-naked. She seems to suffer from the facebook depression which is reflected in the classic symptom that is reflected in her actions (Amedie 7). When I tried to assess on how she balances the positives of her life and the tainted online personality, she claimed that she cares little on what other people perceive of her and she always likes to be the free persons she wants to be. She holds the belief that through the pictorial contents that she produces, she will once make a life breakthrough into fashion and modeling even when it goes against the families expectations on moral conduct. Such a character is among the individuals who have been brainwashed with social media.


In conclusion, the social media image of a person is evaluated in the manner in which the user projects it to society. When a person uses social media to impact on the development of the nation either morally, and economically then its image would be considered good or positive. On the contrary, if an individual uses the social media influence the social ethics decay or economic deprivation, then its image is negative in the entire society (Amedie 10). The social media image a person creates moves on to influence the victim's reputation in real life where a person with a negative image is considered immoral with questionable integrity. Whereas a person whose social media image is deemed to be positive in the society its viewed as a person of good morals, and when the reputations extend beyond communities expectation in real life, it can be an icon to the rest members of the society. Therefore, it's critical that social networking users to consider the effects of the contents they post under their names since it does influence not only the society but also their personal lives.

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