Essay Sample on Secure MBA from SMU: Career Excellence and an Attractive Resume

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Date:  2023-04-10

Securing a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from SMU will sharpen the skills I possess currently. The program will refine my business skills, sophistication, and expand my knowledge, which will lead to career excellence and an attractive resume. I began my career after I joined the Irish Air Corps as a trainee airplane engineer. At the military camp, I was trained in military, aviation, and work ethos; I uphold to date. While in disciplined forces, I got a Bachelor's degree, and an extra year of service under my allocated team. I also developed a strong foundation of work, gained numerous experiences, exposure, and experience, which was an eye-opener concerning what I wanted to pursue in life, which brought me to the U.S.

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Soon after I relocated to Florida, in the year 2011, I joined the Bristow Group, one of the major helicopter service providers globally, where I was an intern executing the budding engineer roles. My duties were, maintaining, and training the disciplined forces; an extension of the Bristow disciplined forces training program. Later, I shifted to Tobago and Trinidad, which houses the Gas and Oil section of the Bristow Group as a leader of maintenance units in the crucial operations in the transition period. I got exposed to a risky and active work environment, a situation that demanded the teams to work together in executing allocated duties successfully. As such, I developed a strong and valuable friendship. Most importantly, I discovered my desire, enthusiasm, and joy in leadership. At the same time, I learned various challenges that are part and parcel of administration, including decision making, overcoming failures, and misfortunes.

My colleagues noticed my passion and leadership enthusiasm in the course of executing my duties. Soon after, I was requested to visit the Company's offices in Houston, since there was a unique project required subject matter expert approach. Before long, I became the subject matter expert, and through my drive to flourish and desire to gain skills, I was able to showcase my understanding of the aviation industry naturally. Through continuously thinking ahead and evaluating my abilities, I concomitantly got my degree in business.

After years, I quit Bristow Group partly due to Gas and Oil recession that terminated any human resource investments. It became apparent to me that my professional growth could no longer depend on improving the oil marketplace, similar to my earlier difficult decision of quitting the military. Therefore, I had to move on to the subsequent opening.

Interestingly, an individual who had recognized my potential in leadership and Bristow encouraged me to join my current duty at Lehigh Hanson. At first, I was doubtful since I had no experience in the mining industry, but with time, my inadequate skill did not matter as I already had the primary skills. The project cycle reflected most of what I used to do in my previous task. Moreover, even though the ERP machine is handled differently, the procedure and documentation inscription were similar to what I worked with before. The project required a leader; I was self-assured that I matched what was needed.

I am in a dilemma of whether to pursue additional education or remain with the drive and determination I currently possess. While the latter has proven to work, I firmly believe that an MBA will enable me to gain knowledge, link, and develop a strong foundation that will not only strengthen my professional standing but also create many more opportunities for me in the future. To perfect your skills and win, you have to be part of the game, D. Blocher

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