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The video entails the business processes and operations of the sales department in SAP Business one; a software business company hoping to change and help medium and small sized companies become effective and efficient in their overall operations. The information focuses on the various steps that a customer ought to undergo whenever they need to purchase an item through the website or enquire for information about their products and purchases among other things. The video serves as a marketing and advertising tool for the company as well as the sales platform for its products. SAP Business one is using the video to portray the value for their customers and the good services that are accrued to the loyal and potential ones.

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First, SAP software is easy to use especially by the employees which makes it faster and better for employees when serving its customers. It has simple and direct stages to follow to complete a transaction to succession. Also, it integrates the entire company which makes it easy for employees to share information at any time of the day. This ensures openness among employees and departments hence success in achieving the common goal. Last, it gives instant and complete view of the business. This means that the management can be able to track every information whenever needed; whether financial, sales, administration, stocks etc.

This kind of information can be used especially by organization whose major marketing, advertising and sales techniques are online. For instance, The American Transmission Company which is responsible for providing electricity to more than five million customers in the Midwest. Even with its popularity, the company can gain more loyal customers besides maintaining its current ones by offering the kind of support, value and care for its customers like in SAP Business One. The problem that can accrue to this application is that it may attract more competitors in the same market.

Managing the Order-to-Cash Process

The Sap Business by-design video focuses on showing its step by step processes involved to complete a sales transaction; from the ordering to the delivery and invoicing stage. The processes are a cross-departmental steps which are carried out by various employee in different levels but with effective and efficient skills.

The video focuses mainly on the sales process of a product. It starts with the sales person taking an order from the customer, verifies its availability, and passes the information to the manager for verification, to the shipping section, then to the warehouse manager, to the delivery section and last to the customer. However, the sales person also bills the invoice to the customer to complete the transaction. Additionally, it focuses on SAP Business logistics. This is meant to provide information on the specifics of the wholes sales process in terms of product characteristics and the whole transaction. Last, it focusses on accounting which helps SAP Business trace the price or value of the products in its software as well as the invoicing of the customers.

The application of this sales process can be very vital for a company like Roth Staffing Company. It is avails skilled and experienced potential employees for personal or business jobs; part-time, full-time, work from home etc. The company can benefit from this application because it becomes easier to trace the vacancies, logistics and accounting stages of every employee and customer. The challenge is that the process is vigorous, methodological and requires bureaucracy hence longer time before customers get their required persons.

Accounts Payable Processing By SAP

The video informs on how reliable and effective the SAP business by-design is when it comes to viewing and running its cash-flow. The steps taken to monitor its accounts payable are simple and direct which makes it easier and convenient for them to formulate and handle any customer invoices and payments successfully.

First, accounts management is one of the aspects being focused in this video. The step by step processes from the accountant to the next with the aim of conducting payments to business vendors by executing correct and on time payment runs; by checking company's liquidity status and the characteristics of the vendor's invoice. Second, payment execution which is done by the company's accountant after their reports have been reviewed and approved by SAP executives. These payments are mostly to the employees, vendors and other product/input suppliers. Third, payment approval which is either done by either SAP CFO or the executives to permit the accountants to deliver payments as required.

A medium sized company like The Clif Bar and Company can benefit immensely from such an organized accounts payable process. This company provides organic foods and beverages to its customers to promote healthy living. The benefits include adopting the simplicity of the accounts system and increasing the efficiency of the accountants hence effectiveness of the whole payment processes. The problem may arise when an accounting error is made from the start of the process and cannot be rectified early since the system is automatic.

Streamline Invoice Processing and Exception Management

Since it is tailored to influence the medium and small businesses, the SAP Business by-design affects the major sections of a business management responsibility; financial, customer relations, human resources, procurement, supply chain and projects development. In all of these departments, the SAP management group can monitor the proceedings and performance of each department as well as that of each employee since the system is automatic.

The SAP by-design focuses on the aspect of easy invoicing by the accountants hence making their work convenient and improve their performance. Second, it focuses on auditing each support document that relates to the invoicing process like purchase orders and receipts with the aim of producing the correct amount for accounting. Last, the SAP focuses on ensuring that the required amounts are indicated correctly in the invoices before being sent to the customer. There is a step by step process that takes the accountant from the time of receiving the invoice to making the payments to the vendors accordingly.

An example of a company that can benefit from applying this kind of system is the Clif Bar and Company (Emeryville, California). This is medium sized company that produces organic food and beverages for its customers. Therefore, most of its suppliers are farmers with the desire to improve and participate in community development. The benefits of this application are effectiveness and efficiency of the company's accountants, employee motivation due to job convenience and ease while the challenge is possible job loss due to massive use of technology (software) and machines rather than people.

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