Essay Sample on Safety and Risk Management & Safety Assurance: Risk Assessment & Control Basis

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Date:  2023-01-16


The Safety and Risk Management (SRM) and Safety Assurance (SA) seem not to be far in the meaning and their application. From AC 120- 92B, Safety and Risk Management looks into the needs and the adequacy of a new or a revised control basing it on the assessment of acceptable risk. It appears to seek for the establishment of the foundations of a hazard, starting it from scratch, and applying new controls that are different from the others. It normally happens before the hazard and therefore acts as a warning measure.

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Safety promotion, according to AC 120-92B, seeks to evaluate a process that is continuing as the risk management controls is being implemented (Mendonca & Carney, 2017). The major purpose that it plays normally is to support the identification of other hazards that may be present or may occur within the one that is being currently surveyed.

In chapter eight, Safety Risk Management is taken contrary to AC 120-92B in that; it should not start from the start but should rather build upon those systems that are already in place (Stolzer, Halford & Goglia, 2011). It, therefore, is to carry forward from the assessments that have been made on the hazard previously and build on it as a continuation. This is important for the practitioners, especially when they are coming up with the new controls to add to the old one, according to ICAO and FAA.

Safety Assurance in chapter eight requires that when a hazard has been realized, action should be taken immediately without starting the whole process. The purpose of this is to ensure the safety of the people, basing the controls on what has been established already. The difference between SRM and SA in this chapter is not significant, like in AC 120-92B, where SRM begins from the start while SA builds from what had already been established.

Safety Risk Management describes the system while the Safety Assurance monitors it (Stolzer, 2017). Therefore they work together. The other function is that SRM plays a role in the identification of the hazard by analyzing the initial incident, and SA takes over in acquiring the data once the hazard is being identified. The data that has been collected by the SA is analyzed so that the risks that are associated with it identified and can be mitigated upon future occurrence. SRM will provide at the end the risk control hat has been formulated, and SA gives the corrective action to actualize the control that has been formulated.

Since both SRM and SA follow a process, it is prudent for the practitioners to have a wide scope of liberalism when it comes to the analysis of things. The description and the context of the steps that are to be followed should be presented and performed. They are to, therefore, obtain detailed information, for example, when analyzing the hazard so that when coming up with the new controls that are to be implemented. It will take into account; therefore, the environment surrounding the present risk which is being assessed.


In conclusion, SRM and SA in AC 120-92B differ in the sense that, SRM looks at solving the issue from the beginning while SA takes up from what had already been done. In chapter eight, however, both work together, where SRM deals with the observation of the matter and coming up with the corrective controls which are assessed and passed in the SA.


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