Essay Sample on Political Linkage in America

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Linkage institutions are the mediums through which the policy agenda is transferred by the public opinion. Such institution acts as the people's connector to the government. The political linkages include interest group, political parties, election and voting, social movements and the news. This essay will discuss and elaborate on the political parties as a political linkage in America.

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Political parties are institutions that facilitate elections candidates in the organization's name for a political office. They sponsor candidates to try to have control of the government machinery by emerging victorious of the main support from the citizens. They play part in the democratic authority by trying to conduct four functions. First, nominations of candidates in elections are done by political parties. They attempt to select candidates who are talented to contest under them. They provide a review peer form to multiply the quality of running for office candidates. The party is desperate for a victory, thus they require the best candidates, those that can attract voters. Second is the political party's assistance to voters by structuring or making as simple as possible, the choice of vote. Parties make minimal the candidates number on the ballot to ensure the advantaged are voted in. the developed political parties in America, Republican, and Democrat, have got a loyal membership amidst voters over the past. Although, this is considered as a problem by some, therefore disregards nonparty candidates, as well as new parties as a result of their opportunities of victory, are least. The third is the proposition on alternative programs of the government by the political parties. The two main parties in America have distinct philosophies or concepts in regards to what should or should not be done by the government. Even though the voters may lack person information about the candidate, they can elect rationally by choosing the closest party to their own basic faith. The fourth is on the coordination of the government officials actions by the political parties. The parties, once in power, attempt to make an implement of the advocated programs. They work in legislation proposing and then ensure it is passed courtesy of the majority that voted them in.

The political parties are obliged to proposing of a program of the government, there must be voter's response to the program, and the implementation of the program once the party assumes office. Recognized and accepted parties are the best linkage institutions whereas the weak parties are ineffective. Recognized and big political parties are required to implement the main democracy model. The most seen events of political parties include elections and voting, which is a linkage institution too. Conceptually, the political parties make candidates nominations that are competent enough so as to capture government control. As debated earlier, elections determine the competent parties' policy proposals so as the parties as well as the elections to be impassive linkage institutions.

Studying the process of election can be approached in two perspectives. First, the adoption of the candidate seeking public office can be done. The second is to adopt the voter's perspective in the electoral process. In most United States elections, the serious candidate undergoes dual independent contests. To secure a serious election opportunity, the candidate should overcome the nomination of either of the main parties. In a dual-party system, it is almost impossible for a minor party representative or an independent candidate to achieve victory in a general election. After the nomination, the candidate must win against the other nominee from the other major party in the general election. Therefore, the process of elections can be divisible into the election game and the nomination game.

In the two main parties, the nomination games comprise of primary elections. In regards to the vying position, the process includes the indirect or direct candidates nomination by rank-and-file party members. Party nomination candidates run in elections pursuing the fellow partisan's votes. Since it is average the decision of the voter, the party management has little influence in the determination of the candidates of the party. Therefore, after the election, the party management has little say on the conduct of the new official.


The general election game comprises of the two main party nominees contest. This is the legal and legitimate election as recognized by the constitution. The regulation in place in regards to both the candidates is different in every state and the office level. For instance, the Electoral College Method of choosing the president necessitates the contest as unique in America. In the contest in other offices, the candidate who wins is the one with the highest number of votes in the electorate.

Political parties, therefore, represent concepts that give citizens other approaches to the methodology of running the government. Every party searches for political supremacy by voting people to the office so that its positions to be public policy. For example, the presidential candidates from both the republican and democrat present unique plans for solving the existing American problems and issues as part of their manifestos. As a result, the citizens identify themselves in relation to the parties of their interest. This shows the faith they have in the expected government they have.

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