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Date:  2022-11-08


An organization is only as exceptional as its employees, and to get the right personnel, a strong recruitment process is mandatory. Certainly, successful employers know that hiring the right people will make or break the company, while poor recruitment decisions can cost the business a great deal. Poor planning is expensive in terms of the effort and money that is paid and lost, the wasted time that could have been invested in the right person, as well as the discouragement that occurs in an organization with a high turnover of an employee. Whether a company is building a hiring process or it wants to optimize an existing one, it has to follow some guidelines.

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Company culture is often referred to how things are done in the organization. As such, the culture differs significantly from one business or firm to another. As such, the main relationship between culture and the hiring process is associated with employee selection and retention (Bogatova, 2017). Predominantly, culture is about the brand image of the company's projects. Serious employers actively market their culture to the respective candidates hence attracting individuals who will thrive in the organization and ward off those who would be more effective working in another place. Also, culture fit generally impacts employee retention and overall performance. While the demands and requirements of a job constantly shift, culture remains constant even in the face of change.

A candidate's work history tells a lot about their set of skills. However, how do you tell if one has the exceptional customer skills and experience to keep customers returning? Much of this is seen during the initial contact with the candidate. As an employer, it is vital to focus on the individual's communication skills from the very first interaction (Fader, 2012). For instance, if a candidate does not have the manners to greet or engage customers in polite dialogue, they will surely not be captivated by this kind of attitude. In the recruitment and selection process, employers should look for people who demonstrate remarkable social skills. Successful candidates are smart particularly when it comes to the skills and competencies needed for a specific job. Businesses often make their profits courtesy of their customers, therefore, the key to great customer service is knowing your clients and finding the right people to serve them.

Finding the right person for a job is becoming more difficult in the day. Employers and other human resource professionals that do not use innovative hiring strategies are often unable to find candidates that are suitable for their vacant positions. With changes and advancement in human resource technologies, there are numerous novel solutions for employers and many of them are now implementing these techniques to improve their hiring processes and find candidates much easier and faster. The key steps to finding the right candidate include: 1) Knowing your ideal candidate -Knowing the individual's skills is vital for finding the right for your company. 2)Engaging the current employees -It is important to understand your current employees and why they love working for you. Involving them in the decision making the process not only helps an employer to build a strong employer branding strategy but also to help the workers feel more engaged and appreciated.


Overall, finding the right job candidate and adding them to your talent pool is a significant aspect in any organization or business environment. With a powerful sourcing strategy, an employer can make the hiring process much faster and more productive. Also, it helps in finding candidates that match both the culture of the company and the respective position.


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