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About this case, the assumption that "it's easy to be ethical "tends to assume that individuals are not ignorant from the fact that they are facing an ethical dilemma, and therefore they have all the liability to choose what they think is right. Thus from the opinion of the decision makers they don't always recognize the fact that these people are being faced with moral issues Dennis Gioia, 1970), for instance, the fact that the company did not understand the Pinto despite the fire that consumed the occupants of vehicles involved a collision. Being the information and overall recall coordinator, he was able to meet thousands of accidents reports. This paper will, therefore, discuss the fatalities that occurred after the tank of Ford Pinto being faulty. The vehicle design is said to have facilitated the risk of fuel tank being broke into flames, and as a result, the vehicle was engulfed with fire. This case is so specific to discuss the accident incident that had occurred in 1978. The causalities were Lynn Marie Ulrich, Dona Ulrich and Judy Ann who died after their car was heated from behind, whereby the fuel tanks broke into flames. Other than that, another accident of the same king had occurred in the year 19742 involving Richard Grimshaw who got burn in his body after the vehicle collision, and as a result the fuel tank was caught with fire .therefore, this case tend to point out some problems that were faced with the management during Ford Pinto.

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Ethical Issues in Pinto's Fire Case

According to Pinto's case ethical decision making tend to analyze the intensity of the moral dilemma and art at the same time make the judgment with the aim of addressing the ethical issues (Ferrell, 2013).

This case study illustrates the process that is involved in decision making adopted from Ford Motors reflected flawed judgment, whereby, the understating of the ethical and the business is responsible, and more have been given weight or is the critical fact. Consequently, there is some moral issue in this case that has been considered in this case. One, is the lack of product safety according to (Shaw, 2016) all the businesses have got the full responsibility to ensure that all their products presented in the market are safe to the consumers. Therefore, this call for professional managers who have gained more knowledge and understanding of the products they offer to the market. For instance, in the case of Pinto, the management was aware of the of the flaws within the fuel tank and never took any responsibility. But their main aim was to reduce the price of the Pinto. As a result, they decided to come up with the vehicle which was of low cost and later was involved in the accident.

Secondly lobbying for organization gain is another ethical issue discussed in this case, it was meant to go against the federal safety standards for vehicles for goals of the organization (Nelson & Trevino, 2010). Even though, other vehicle manufacturing firms including Ford had created pressure about National Highway traffic for safety standard reviews. However, it had resulted in delayed implementation approval of the safety guidelines.

And lastly, the next ethical issue discussed in this case is the cost-benefit analysis of human life. In clarity, the management at Ford had decided to come up with some methods to conduct a cost-benefit analysis, whereby, they wanted to determine in case they can invest in making changes in the fuel tank. Therefore, according to this analysis, it reflects that making modifications to fuel tank was not really a step and instead the management was encouraged to produce a high-risk vehicle under low production. Therefore, the interest in making a profit was necessary to them as opposed to protecting human life (Weiss, 2014). Consequently, the management failed to take the ethical


Gioia, D. A. (1992). Pinto fires and personal ethics: A script analysis of missed opportunities. Journal of Business Ethics, 11(5-6), 379-38.

Schwartz, G. T. (1990). The myth of the Ford Pinto case. Rutgers L. Rev., 43, 1013.

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