Essay Sample on Patagonia: Promoting Solutions & Community Impact

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Date:  2023-02-17


Patagonia promoted its operations towards finding a solution in the one-phase packaging situation. According to historical accountabilities of the company, Patagonia has experienced a transitional journey; for example, it has been involved in various crisis management projects. The company has, for years, focused on giving back to the community. One of the operational advantages of the enterprise is its commitment to the clothing sector; making its primary operations environmentally friendly. Presently, Patagonia has maintained a supply chain established to prevent ecological damage. It has promoted the recycling of polybags that are gathered from retail and distribution stores. Nonetheless, the company's operations were guided by altering the approach to which the products were folded; thus, promoting a 50% decline in the plastic sector. The next approach focused on supporting recycling efforts. Also, with the current evolution in the polybag sector, the company focused on altering the methods used for packaging. Besides, consumers Patagonia stumbled in the industry since it diversified its operations.

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Patagonia has proven to be the pioneer of sustainability. According to research, the company ventured into the environmental ethos. The study highlighted that the company's clientele has significantly joined the brand's sustainability norms by purchasing more parkas; thus, strengthening the company's sales by a considerable margin. The environmental ethos implemented by the company promoted "Buy Less" as a means of supporting the brand loyalty that was estimated to increase by 15%. The same brand positioning boosted the company's norms of establishing a plan that promoted packaging innovations as well as encourages the implementation of new technologies. In other terms, the company supported the use of consumer demand to motivate and inspire the company's level of production, for instance, in 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report stated that global sales of the company increased due to the role of the consumers. Moreover, with the enterprise-focused majorly on its clients, the management searched invested and implanted ideal solutions that promoted the bright sports in one-phase packaging sectors. Besides, Patagonia supported the norms of donating 1% of its revenue to support environmental causes, for instance, using organic cotton.

Patagonia recorded a 100% success rate because it initiated corporate social responsibility. Next, the enterprise promoted an ideal business model that guided its manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Moreover, most of the company products were sourced to support its global customer based features. The enterprise endorsed the implementation of a robust overlapping mix of outdoor sportswear for luxurious consumers. In other terms, the business model designed products in the United States of America. Nonetheless, it also supported the model of outsourcing manufacturing products to external suppliers, specifically in the new merging business that helped cheap labor and exported finished products for sale. The company significant contributions aided 4-fold method that focused on conscientious sourcing, product quality, social responsibility as well as environmental accommodation. To make matters interesting, the approach promoted equitable veto authority to support its competitive advantage. Back to back, the company also enhanced much on environmental commitments; for example, it helped sustainable graze wool, organic cotton, waste management technology. Besides, the enterprise helped Fair Labor Associating to support credible and suppliers. The Fair Labor Association strengthened continuous investment metrics that assisted in its supply chain.

Over the years, Patagonia implemented various business approaches that virtually served assisted it in obtaining competitive advantages. Moreover, the company supported social responsibility to enhance its sales, promote the risk of non-compliance that strengthened the adherence as well as self-promoting social commitments. In 2013, the same company resorted into implementing the FLA audit. The audit assisted in understanding operational models that attracted recertifying client commitment to its brands. The business model assisted in forcing changes in the functional approach of the company. Nonetheless, the company did not support last-minute productions that were marked as violations of fair labor sustainability. Besides, the efforts not to promote the luxury image increased the brand's approach. Back to back, the company supported the use of capital to aid sustainability to work towards helping the company's mission as well as vision. In other terms, the company promoted the norms of long-term investments to support socially responsible environment as well as initiatives to its assets.

Additionally, much has changed ever since Patagonia went into partnership with other business enterprises. For example, in 2010, the enterprise established a joint campaign with the likes of companies such as Adidas, Gap and Marks, and Spencer, among others. Moreover, the venture promoted the company's dominance in the clothes and shoe industry. Also, it strengthened the establishment's sustainability credentials. These decisions were fused with the enterprise's standards of surviving. Besides, the establishment got good reviews from B-Lab, a non-profitable enterprise that advocates the benefits of the partnership. Moreover, the enterprise's interests were first introduced in 2010, Patagonia Maryland office. Presently, the company has expanded, and the same system is witnessed in nine states. According to the business approach supported by the joint venture, the company established long-standing participation in the eg0-expressions that helped the brand and quality of the raw materials required. In some terms, the organization promoted capture of value to assist maintains dual-digit sales as well as recycling of the products. Nevertheless, the establishment has been involved in supporting ethos-conscious campaigns; by focusing on the consumers. The campaigns used high technology-driven ads that advocated for correctly repair as well as luxuries purchasing products.


Patagonia's success was due to its ethical principles as well as virtues that promoted its excellent performance. Majorly, the company focused on a dissolution approach in its sustainability sector. Instead of regressing, it supported a more profound commitment towards corporate responsibility as well as sustainable productivity. In other terms, Patagonia integrated innovation sustainable thinking, values as well as principles to all the personnel. The approach took responsibility for all staff in all the departments. Besides, the establishment took the initiatives of ensuring all the staff in getting involved with environmental footprint. Also, the company proved to be innovative in the approaches used to advertise the products. For example, the company advertisement programs and methods were directed to address initiative such as standards against committing commercial suicide. The primary approach was to persuade the clientele not to purchase several products that then they required. The information supported various personnel lifestyles as well as the environments. In other terms, the main idea behind the ethos of production was to ensure that the consumers did not over-consume but promote sustainability ethos for them to support the purchasing models of all types of consumers. Besides, the establishment's dedication and commitment to eliminating unwanted consumptions helped its mission of command thread initiatives.

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