Essay Sample on Organizational Vision: Crucial for Success & Permanent Growth

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Date:  2023-03-12


An organizational vision plays a crucial role in ensuring that what is to be attained has been appropriately expressed. Also, it gives the elements that it wishes to accomplish. It has further been demonstrated that firms with core values and purpose usually enjoy permanent success. Significant firms also comprehend the difference between the elements that should never change and the ones that should work as well as the genuine and misleading ones. As such, this has been described as a rare capability to manage change and permanency and the need for a deliberately practiced discipline. All these are connected to the ability to develop a vision. The essay will constitute an analysis of the Harvard Business Review article and presentation of the six elements for creating a vision and their implications for all the leaders.

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One of the elements is the core ideology. It is crucial and partakes a vital role in establishing the leaders and company vision. Also, it is relevant to have the advancement and move towards the future to preserve the core ideology. Moreover, it is crucial to have a stable foundation that can generate the needed core ideology and a resilient vision as well. Collins and Porras have shown that an organization is required to have core values and purpose for the vision of the firm to thrive. It will also guide the leaders into the needs of the firm and enable them to apply the right strategies towards its attainment (Collins & Porras, 1996).

The next aspect is core values. They entail dignity, reliability, decency, and compassion, which are all quite imperative for an organization to succeed. Additionally, they are viewed as inflexible and also considered a set of beliefs constructed on where the organization was established. There are also others viewed as entirely core and personal value set. They entail contentment, pleasurable, comicality, thinking beyond, and heroic. They are all relevant for the growth of the organization and give leaders a positive effect as they work towards the attainment of the set goals and objectives (Collins & Porras, 1996).

The other element is the core purpose. It is also relevant and natural for a firm and further establishes practical consequences for leadership. Also, it is similar to core value since it cannot be produced but only learned within a company. Every organization needs to have a vital core purpose, notwithstanding the product lines, consumer segments, and service lines as well. Furthermore, it is crucial as it establishes the motivation for the personnel (Collins & Porras, 1996).

Another element is the envisioned future. Through its application, core ideology can be translated into a tangible vision or goal that will direct leaders positively and also give them accurate inference as to why they should concentrate on transforming the organization. A company should have short and long-term goals that will direct its existence and operation in the industry (Collins & Porras, 1996).

The next aspect is a vivid description that is viewed as more concise and specific. It denotes that every organization has a pertinent prospect that can be employed to attain its goal. According to the article, BHAG is a long-term goal that needed to be changed into a noticeable form. Therefore, vivid descriptions will offer support for the purpose to be attained (Collins & Porras, 1996).


The paper has explored the six-element model needed to create a vision, according to Collins and Porras. It has been noted that core ideology, values, purpose, and envisioned future, as well as a vivid description, are all relevant to the achievement of an organization. They also give the leaders the necessary guidance to lead the personnel and the overall organization towards success.


Collins, J., & Porras, J. (1996). Building Your Company's Vision. Retrieved from

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