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Every company involved in the manufacturing of electronic devices has the sole ambition of producing the best line of devices it can come up with. For Nokia Corporation, the case remains relatively same. The Finnish based multinational lauds itself with involvements in the telecommunications and information technology sectors with over 100, 000 employees. Despite having gone through a tough economic time that granted the sale of its mobile division to Microsoft in 2013, Nokia still remains among the best manufacturers of handheld devices to date (Jia & Yin, 2015). The success case of the mobile division can be attributed to the approach Nokia takes while selecting an appropriate product strategy. This strategy enables Nokia to penetrate the market swiftly despite having a lot of Android-based devices taking up the market, at lower prices.

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Nokia greatly uses an adaptation type of product strategy. This is seen where it modifies one product so that it fits comfortably in different markets. The corporation defines its versions of different products as being able to suit specific environments and not the others. This is in terms of the wireless technology used by the phones or network compatibility issues by the local service providers. For instance, GSM Arena reports of two versions of a Nokia flagship phone (GSM Arena, 2018). The phone is being noted as Nokia 8.1 for global use, but Nokia X7 for the Chinese market. Like its predecessors, Nokia 8.1 is seen taking the usual product lifecycle seen with the new line of Nokia phones. For a start, HMD Global, the company owning the rights for the Nokia mobile brand, did its usual stunt of introducing the product at a high-end event. In this case, the Dubai Expect More event took the bid towards the close of 2018. The branding of Nokia in its elegant designs made the introduction of the device to be breathtaking. In the growth stage, HMD was seen as promising to give security patches from Google regularly in order to maintain the security of its devices (Hobbs, 2017). This saw the product being able to penetrate more markets such as India and the Far East given that most phone manufacturers do not participate in providing security updates to the consumers of their products. In its maturity, it is expected that Nokia 8.1 will retail at a lower price that will enable it to increase its purchase power with respect to other devices that Nokia may hopefully introduce.

Nokia's subtle success rate while introducing new products is due to the intentional scrutiny while carrying out advertisements. Nokia accomplishes this through the print media where it has its designs beings showcased in dailies and periodicals in an attempt to attract people to its meticulous artwork. AdAge reports a situation where Nokia is working with Wired magazine to steer a program that will act as Nokia's content marketing campaign (Sebastian, 2018). Ideally, Nokia can work on creating and distributing pamphlets in a classic case of print media to notify the public of its return and the services it offers. With non-print media, Nokia is ahead of itself in this age of technological advancements where it has gone to the extent of creating videos to encourage the purchase of its products (Campaign, 2018). Moreover, the corporation opened an online store that works as an avenue for advertising their latest artistry on phones (ETTelecom, 2018). In my opinion, Nokia can work with app developers to incorporate Nokia banners in most commonly used apps to work as the means of increasing awareness of the new Nokia brand.

To measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on new products, some approaches are studied. Anastasia of Cleverism points out the need to plan and track the said campaign (Anastasia, 2015). This includes defining the marketing channels in use. With Nokia, the possible marketing channels are direct for those who do not need to be directed to the product, referral channels for those veered to the products by a third party, paid channels, social channels and channels that attract consumers who fall on the Nokia products arbitrarily. After defining the marketing channels, it becomes eminent to measure the marketing metrics depending on the interaction of the consumers with the web content.

Moreover, the marketing metrics can be studied through analysis of lead conversion, the tracking of new users and comparing the number to the returning users of a website, review of the page views of a site or checking the reaction of people when interacting with the company's fan pages in social media. The actual measure of the marketing campaign is finalized using defined analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Kissmetrics to check the effectiveness of social media campaigns and the search index performance on Google. A measure of the effectiveness of the print media can also be done by creating a webpage that can only be linked out through a given tracking URL. The effectiveness of the print media depends on the rate at which the URL is being shared.

While having a strong marketing campaign is critical, some elements need to be implemented to ensure the success of the marketing campaign. Nokia utilizes these elements to enable them to compete favorably with other big brands in the market. The corporation employs a strong public relations strategy that claims its presence in a given market. This is seen where it makes donations to victims of natural calamities, engages in tree planting, creating gym support activities among others endeavors in China (UK Essays, 2013). Nokia also involves a thorough advertising strategy while promoting its devices. Despite the advantage of having a big name, so to say, Nokia still invests highly in carrying out advertisements to be able to embrace the needs of its consumers through the full range of products it offers. Moreover, the excellent use of integrated marketing communication plan by Nokia helps it to maintain synchrony while distributing and updating information on messaging boards concerning its products, services or software updates.


In conclusion, Nokia is one of the most innovative companies in the world. In this light, Nokia is always at the forefront of introducing cutting edge technology to the world. With this enthusiasm, it is expected that Nokia will be able to brace the market with competitive devices and hence always claim its share of the market. Nokia is still working to improve the user experience of its customers, hence the need to be eager of what product the corporation throws at the market next.


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