Essay Sample on Manpower Selection: Crucial for Project Success

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A project's success lies mainly on the quality of manpower input. During the selection of the staff, individuals will be categorized into various sections in terms of the role they play, their responsibility, how competent they are and the authority they pose. These qualities will also determine the period in which the staff is needed to work on the project. The level of experience and ability to carry out duties will also be another factor to determine how the personnel are employed and how their salary will be placed. In this document, I will analyze various factors that will take place during the implementation of the project, develop a layout of the staff and elaborate their acquisition methods and retention factors.

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The highest position, IT Manager, will be held by the most competent individual who will oversee all the activities during the execution of the project. He will be the executive director and general manager, the general overseer of the project and the responsibility for handling any questions from other companies or institutions such as the press or other affiliated companies. He will manage the finances and ensure that the project runs with maximum production while maintaining the minimum cost possible. He should be a holder of at least a degree in Information Technology, be a holder of at least a Diploma in Management and an experience at the management level of not less than two years at a recognized company.

Due to the nature of the work being handled and the immense need for secure execution of duties, there will be a Senior Information Security officer. This individual will serve and report directly to the IT Manager. He will be responsible to ensure that the company's information is secure and that all external threats are handled with immediate effect. He should be competent with a minimum qualification of a degree in Cyber Security and a one year experience. He will guide the rest of the staff in the event of a security threat and will also manage the number of funds put into the security department.

However, under the IT Manager, all the staff will be divided into three groups. These categories pave the way for the easy management of the staff based on their level of specialization. Each section will be headed by a coordinator who will respond to the manager whenever the need arises. The first group will be responsible for the development of the systems in the company. This group will consist of two sub-groups; Development and Design, who will come up with the designs and the Testing, where all the designs will be subjected to trials to ensure they meet the standard. After the systems are fully designed, this group will receive confirmation from the manager to go ahead and implement the design.

Beside the Designs, the crew is service delivery. They will organize and make sure all the functions in the company are going as planned. The service desk will receive all the complaints put across by the members or the customers. the service will then try to solve these issues and when the need arises, they will forward it to the manager. The service desk will require individuals who have at least a diploma in communications technology and a good record of customer's service. These tasks will be executed under the supervision of the group supervisor.

For purposes of efficiency, the last group will consist of the system support group. These individuals will be responsible for handling all the problems associated with the system. They will solve the problems and request for external assistance if they are unable to. The system support will consist of the Network Admins and the Application support. The group qualification will be a holder of a diploma in system management and a good grasp of communication skills. The individuals will also be expected to provide a good concern of how the tasks are executed

The business quality and management are the most important of the factors we have to consider. It is therefore important that we ensure that all our services meet the minimum requirements that are needed. By understanding the importance of having a good rating by our clients, the company will allocate a good amount of funds to ensure that the good company record is sustained. This will enable us to run smoothly and avoid losing any funds from our company. Good customer support will also help the company achieve the required feedback with which we will be able to improve our services (Abeling, 2015)..

Therefore, the company will employ the services from external auditors who will ensure that the company is running in the most honest way possible. It will pave the way for our customers to give all the required feedback for company development. And provide a good background for conducting research and ensure we always remain at the top of the business field. To ensure that our staff lives up to the dream, we will employ a good business culture which will encourage the staff to work hard and ensure that the company meets its dreams. This business culture will be executed at the onset of the company to make sure that they are quickly adapted to the system and that they do not get held. However, a constant check by the manager will pave way for a continuous assessment which allows the company knows where it is. Being a very necessary part of the achievement of the company's dreams, these values will be closely monitored and allocated the required resources to ensure the company thrives (Gurin & Persiyanova, 2017)..

Being a diverse sector, the IT field requires that many players take place in the offering of services to the clients. These companies will allow us to achieve our dreams and work to the goals of providing quality services. The companies selected in this case will be individuals from stationery companies, the furniture making companies and electronic equipment dealers. These groups will ensure that the project runs well and is able to provide all the required services.

Acquisition of any materials from these companies will be done through the Manager, he will authorize and contact the providers of the service and make sure that a business agreement is formulated. The manager will also inspect the company providing the service to ensure that they are legitimate and meet the necessary standards in their respective fields. A survey from one of the managers' assistance and more so an individual from the affected department will help the manger in finding out if the company is worth getting the tender.


In conclusion, the project management will be done by a collection of people who all share a common goal of ensuring the customer is served and that these services are given at the right time to the persons in need of it. Collaboration with other players in the industry will ensure that the project runs successfully. Having competent personnel in the company will improve the effectiveness of the process and ensure that we provide all the required services.


Gurin, V., & Persiyanova, E. (2017). General principles of building the model of development and operation of heterogeneous teams for project management. Innovative Technologies and Scientific Solutions for Industries, (1 (1)), 21-27.

Abeling, A. J. (2015). A Body-Based Program Development Project to Prevent Burnout Among Mental Healthcare Professionals.

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