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The ethics code is a very important aspect of a company's operations. This also applies to Lockheed Martin Corporation which is an international American company dealing in advanced technologies, defense, aerospace, and security. Considering that the company has a workforce of over 100, 0000 people, a code of ethics is inevitable. The code is considered important in the company's ethics program because of three major reasons. One, it guides the employees and provides them with a reference point whenever they need to handle matters that seem problematic in the course of their work. This encourages them to discuss compliance thus empowering them to deal with any issue that comes up at any time (Sears, 2006). Secondly, the code is considered important to the corporation's ethics program because it clarifies the principles, core values, and mission of the company. Lockheed Martin Corporation has professional conduct standards that are to be fostered to each employee. In that case, the code acts as a benchmark against which the performance of individuals is measured in the process of achieving company goals (Crane & Matten, 2016). Thirdly, because Lockheed Martin Corporation is an international company, the code of ethics is very important in ensuring compliance with international standards so as to avoid penalties and risks associated with professional misconduct in a foreign country. The right conduct works very well in maintaining the image of the company in the global market.

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Ethics training and employee involvement are crucial aspects of every company because it sets the expected standards and principles. Firstly, it helps in achieving a harmonious relationship among the employees since everyone is aware of exactly what is expected of them (Sears, 2006). This, in turn, creates a conducive working environment where both the employees and the clients are comfortable since professionalism is upheld without favoritism. Secondly, ethics training and employee involvement increase the motivation level of the staff. This is because the ethical culture cultivated through proper training and involvement promotes honesty and makes the employees feel valued thus value their work too. This also increases productivity. As a result of high staff morale, teamwork is promoted due to the positive culture created. A business is a shared commitment to achieving goals that cannot be accomplished by an individual singlehandedly (Crane & Matten, 2016). Therefore, ethics training programs are crucial to maintaining teamwork. Additionally, the ethics training and employee involvement program help in ensuring that each employee is able to take personal responsibility for their actions. It helps avoid scandals because each employee upholds ethical standards and behaves according to the expectations of the company culture. To make the ethics training program interesting and worthwhile, Lockheed Martin Corporation has dedicated a lot of resources to ensure its success. The company began applying the annual ethics awareness training which means that each year, the employees undergo an ethics training that takes only an hour instead of taking them through hours of boring sessions that would be futile (Terris, 2005). To make it more interesting, the program is refreshed every year through the introduction of new content, and by digitizing and redesigning it to fit the current situation and needs. During the training, the top leadership, including the CEO, are involved in the presentations and discussions thus making the employees look forward to the program every year (Terris, 2005). The training begins with the top executives and finally trickles down to all the employees by the end of the program. This approach is effective and worthwhile since every employee is able to get the right information and apply it in the process of doing their work at Lockheed Martin Corporation.

With respect to ethics in the workplace, Lockheed Martin Corporation measures success by promoting integrity. To the company, success involves upholding integrity in every interaction irrespective of the circumstances. The company encourages its employees to do the right thing all the time and maintain high standards even if the law does not require them to do so. The company believes that the desire to succeed should never allow any employee to compromise on their integrity. To them, success is when integrity is upheld, respect for everyone is observed, and work is performed with excellence (Sears, 2006). Such a definition of success improves the motivation of the employees who are ready to do their best to achieve the company goals thus increasing productivity in the workplace. Every person is confident that their interactions with colleagues, clients, consultants, and all stakeholders is built on integrity, performance and mutual respect.


To make the ethics program work, there are some things that Lockheed Martin Corporation does at the operational level. One of them includes taking any complaint or inquiry very seriously even if it does not seem to have a major impact on the program. The issue is normally taken through rigorous investigation to ensure that the company does not take any chances. Secondly, the company's ethics training program is made meticulous enough so as to seal any probable loopholes. The president of the company begins by training their team of executives who then train the managers and finally the other workers. The program is so seamless that by the time it is completed, every employee has gone through it. The use of interesting platforms such as videos and real situations makes the operationalization of the program possible. Additionally, the company regularly communicates with the employees on important issues touching on ethics and compliance so as to keep abreast with current ethics topics. Thy use their episodic integrity Minute series as a primary communication tool. Overall, Lockheed Martin dedicates a lot of energy and resources to the ethics training program and this has ensured its unrivaled success.


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