Essay Sample on Lawson's Cosmetics: Global Branding, Movie-Tied Promotions

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Date:  2023-01-25


This paper is a summary of the discussions and conversations that seek to market Lawson's cosmetics. The article discusses why Lawson should take its new branding globally and why Rowina Gupta should follow her initial plans; some includes the use of movie-tied promotions.

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Lawson's cosmetics is a brand that has grown enormously and needs to have an international look. The best one, as proposed, is the introduction of a contest that is going to set standards for the cosmetic as a brand that is already established in the market. This move will attract the attention of global customers.

The global brand initiative is essential. It can make the company benefit from resources and research from diverse competitors, or even positive and negative criticism is crucial to the companies not to forget that the is not the only critical players although the got the product. The customers should not be treated just as transactions and wealth, but as people who understand the value given by the authentic product, they choose (Yeung & Cole, 2015) The idea of considering the customers is only made possible by going global in the marketing field. Another advantage of taking the new marketing idea global is the coalitions that can occur, making it a breakthrough in the international market. An example of such companionship was a coalition by footwears such as Puma, Nike, and Target. When such big brands come together, there is no shortage of any resource as the brands are empowered (Ottman, 2017). Lawson's cosmetics can drive its popularity across the world through this tactic. Finally, by pushing the initiative in the world, it shall be contributing to the world economy. Multinational companies are needed to be out holding hands and contributing to the economy of the world. In regards to the statistics from the Organization for economic co-operation and development, the states are giving fewer to global developments (Ottman, 2017). The contributions have reduced over time, making it difficult for worldwide trade sustenance.

There are several plans that Rowena Gupta has for her brand. She believes that she needs to use the movie advertisement platform for the product. There are a lot of challenges on this path as it may not make it into the global attention and at the hands of the customers when it is still early enough. Rowena believes that repackaging of the cosmetics so that customers can get access to the least available prices available. This is a brilliant idea as it increases the profits but also build credibility as the quality product that can be bought at an affordable market price ever. Gupta should go ahead and make the team she trusts can put the brand on the world market. Even if a lot of the stakeholders thinks that it seems more into doing movie businesses than the real cosmetics jaguar is right by believing that the clients from other nations are so much held down by their culture and cannot think any international brand promotion unless they had the chance to use them by themselves.


In conclusion, Lawson's cosmetics should share the new marketing strategy and make teams that can push the market to an international level. The use of a movie platform has challenges such as the use of a lot of money and ignorance as just fiction. There are however advantages that cannot be compared to the challenges.


Ottman, J. (2017). The new rules of green marketing: Strategies, tools, and inspiration for sustainable branding. Routledge.

Yeung, H. W. C., & Coe, N. M. (2015). Toward a dynamic theory of global production networks. Economic Geography, 91(1), 29-58.

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