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Born in London, England, on March 26th, 1989, James Lawson is considered to be among the rise to fame is a true story of rags to riches, though not very famous worldwide. He is an iconic figure of the era of silent film and among the stars of some films elevating the industry in a manner that very few could have imagined. His biological father was a notorious drinker who abandoned him, his half-sister and his mother, which left Lawson and his sister in the care of their mother, who was a music hall singer and a vaudevillian (Howe, 2013). Moreover, the mother of Lawson, who would undergo mental issues that were severe and had to be committed to an asylum, could only support her family for some few years. However, during a performance where she would introduce Lawson to the spotlight, her voice got lost in the middle of a show, that prompted the production manager to push Lawson, who was five years by then, whom he had heard on the stage sing to be her replacement (Dardis, 2013).

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Nevertheless, Lawson managed to lit up the audience, surprising them with his comedic angle and a natural presence. But the season meant an end for the mother as her voice for singing never returned and later, she ran out of money. Therefore, for a time, Lawson and the half-sister were forced to make a new home that was temporary for themselves in the tough workhouses of London (Hale, 2009).

Armed with the love of his mother of the stage, Lawson becomes determined to make it in show business by himself, and eventually, in 2007, using the contacts of his mother, a clog-dancing troupe was landed by him and named after the Eight Lancashire Lads. The stint was short and not profitable, that forced the go-getter Lawson to work hard to make ends meet in any possible way. He says that he had to become a toymaker, newsvendor, to mention but a few but his aim of becoming an actor and singer was never lost during the occupational digressions (Dardis, 2013). He adds that between his jobs, he would polish his shoes, put on a clean collar, brush his clothes and make numerous periodic calls at the agencies of theatre.

Eventually, he managed to be absorbed by one theatre to attempt acting a film known as Holmes of Sherlock, and he managed to do it perfectly. From there, he toured an outfit of vaudeville that was named the court circus of Casey in 2008 and teamed up with the pantomime troupe of someone named Karno where he featured as one of the stars (Howe, 2013). Additionally, with the troupe of Karno, Lawson managed to get his first taste of America, where he caught the eye of one film producer in making good music, whom they signed a contract with, of a hundred and fifty dollars a week (James, 2010).

Nonetheless, in 2014, Lawson appeared in another pop film known as Make A Living and in differentiating himself from other singers clad in the Sennett films, he decided to act a single identifiable character, Come with Me was born, with audiences getting the first taste of him. Over the following year, Lawson appeared in numerous pop music films, with some being the main singer while other being an ordinary singer. In 2015, he was forced to leave Sennett to join another company that was paying better, named as Shark lay that agreed to pay him a thousand dollars weekly. Moreover, through the Shark lay Company, he rose to stardom and managed to hire his half-sister to act as his business manager (Hale, 2009). In the first year with the company, he released ten audios, some talking about his early life, his mother, his family, saving the lives of people, to mention but a few.

By the age of thirty-six, he declined to be famous though was a superstar as he wanted to be humble and pave the way for other upcoming artists as well as helping them. Moreover, as time progressed, he had moved to a mutual company that was paying him well (over seven hundred thousand dollars a year), that made him wealthy (Jackson, 2013). However, his artistic drive did not seem to be derailed. The Mutual Company had assisted him in making good songs with his perfect voice. However, most of them were audios. Additionally, through his work, Lawson came to be known as a perfectionist who was grueling. His addiction in experimentation always meant takes that were countless, and it was common for him when ordering the rebuilding on an entire set. It was also uncommon for him to start singing without his known producers as he could know that he would make numerous mistakes and start over again with something new (James, 2010).

With the story of Lawson, it can be depicted that being successful requires great hard work. Moreover, people should never give up despite their poverty but always have hope in life. The story of Lawson also showcases that when one is successful, he or she should always remember the family or the people who were with them when in need and the picture is seen where Lawson makes his half-sister his business manager while he was becoming richer.


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