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International economics mainly talk about the economic activities which take place in various nations and give their consequences. It is concerned with the economic relations of nations and the impacts of the international matters on the economic activities of the world. The international economics studies the political and the economic issues which are related to trade and financial activities in various states. It involves the exchange of production factors including labor and capital among the countries and the services across the borders. The country's economy is one of the crucial parts. Every day several economic issues arise pertaining the trends of different countries. The paper is reviewing a newspaper article about the global economy of the year 2018.The global economy confronts significant challenges in the years to come. It looms the events which have made the economy of the market nervous in different nations and thus raising the vulnerability of the systems to discouraging debts.

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To begin with, we will look at Honk Kong News. The economists are asking themselves sets of questions which informs the decisions of the individuals, firms, and the institutions particularly in sectors including educations, jobs, investments and the policy they expect. In most cases, they have always not received a definitive solution. The sufficient information which they manage to receive confirms the trends mainly in markets and technology. Most of the economies are experiencing the rise in the political matters, polarization and the tensions which apply domestically and even internationally. (Brown, Seyom, 4). During a long run, the studies show probabilities of the economics performance getting immunized to centrifugal social and the political forces. At the moment, the economies of the nations and the markets have shrugged off the political problems including the risk those of short run.

The United Kingdom is one of the exception cases and is currently facing a divisive and messy Brexit process. The entirely weakened counselor of Germany named Angela Merkel is indeed putting efforts to create a coalition system of government. There is nothing in the United Kingdoms which is better for the country and even the rest the continent which desperately requires Germany and France to operate together to bring back the European Union. It is one sharp shock which has got much attention relating to the monetary tightening. With the attempt of improving the economic matters in the developed countries, the constant reversal of the aggressive monetary matters does likely appear as the dominant shock of creating values.

In Asia, the president of the Chinese Xi Jinping is in a stronger position and suggest that the effective control of the imbalances and other consumptions including the innovation particularly for growth may be expected. On the other hand, India is well set to maintain its reform and the growth momentum. As it develops in its economy, others beyond and with the region are expected to emulate. There is technological development in China and the US. The digital technology is expected to become well set in the decades to come since the countries are funding the significant research about technology. When the set innovations get commercialized, the number of benefits is quite higher. The two nations are the home for to leading platforms for social and economic relations which get their impact from the network effects, artificial intelligence, the closure of informational gaps including the applications which generate and use large sets of essential data. The platforms also produce the related events for the new models of business operating around them for instance logistics, finance, and advertising. (Brown, Seyom,5) China becomes the leading country when it comes to mobile online payments as the majority of its center110998000population have moved directly to mobile payments from cash.

Notably, the United State is equally experiencing some economic changes brought about the administration of the president Donald Trump. It is not very accurate that the president of US is intending to withdraw from the international cooperation and rarely renegotiating the terms which are favorable to the state. It is now true that the United States cannot be counted as able to serve by becoming the primary sponsor and the architect with the developing rules for the global system. The case is the same about changing the climate. The US is currently the only country which does not commit itself to Parish climate Agreement. (Brown, Seyom, 7).


In summary, the discussion has suggested that the global economy may bring severe problems in the years to come. The power of economy and the influences will proceed to move with no sudden variations in the job patterns, political and social polarization mostly in the developed nations.

Work Cited

Brown, Seyom. International relations in a changing global system: Toward a theory of the world polity. Routledge, 2018.

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