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Date:  2022-03-07


Following the research carried out on 23rd January 2019, where a sample of customers was interviewed, we realized that the majority of customers have a problem in locating our business and even our products. Many of them were suggesting that we come up with a way that can assist them in accessing the company quickly.

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From the concern that our customers raised, I have decided to come up with an information product that can help solve the situation. The best solution for the problem would be coming up with a Google map application that can assist our customers in allocating our premises and our products as well. Google map App uses a lot of data and information that will allow our customers to know where they are and assist them in getting to a point.

Google map App has very many benefits to the customers, the executive department in an organization, and the organization at large. Google map offers more features than just dir3ection, especially to the administrative department of our organization. The features help the organization to build trust with the customers and also create a better connection with the target audience.

Google Maps will build the standard image of our business and take it to the next level. The feature allows customers to have a picture of the company as though they have visited it. It will be like they have taken a virtual tour around and inside the business. (Burd, et al, 2018) Customers will, therefore, get excited about the company even before physically visiting it.

The executive should implement this because it is trustworthy, that is to say, the organization will not just be telling the customers to trust the business but rather show them. The importance of virtual tours is to show customers that your business has nothing to hide. Therefore customers will help do passive marketing for the company by convincing other customers to buy from the market through word of mouth. They will convince other customers to like your business, and therefore, the organization should take it as a matter of urgency to implement this information product in the system.

To implement Google Maps in the business, the IT department must learn the necessary skills to create and install the App on the business Website. Once this is done, they should come up with security models to prevent users from using the APP to tarnish the image of the organization. The implementation cost may not be very huge since it does not require many resources.

Google map is one of the most popular mapping services that are provided online. It is an information product that can help individuals to locate a business or find direction easily Rossi-(Pool, et al, 2018) It has interactive zooming and panning, directions, location details, and satellite views. It has a smooth-moving, simple-to-use interface that is usually updated regularly with new features.

To implement the Google App in the system, the IT department should consider the following phases:

  1. Start an Android Studio
  2. Install the Google Play services SDK
  3. Create a Google maps project.

When creating the Google Map, if you see an indication that reads "Welcome to Android Studio" click on the start a new Android studio project" that is available on the right side of the dialog. Once you are done, you enter the APP name, company domain, and project locations as they are prompted, then click "next." You will then select the form factors you want for your App. In case you are not very sure, select phone or tablet then continue. Go to the added activity and select Google maps Activity and continue. You will find a section requiring that you enter the activity name, name of the layout, and title. Insert everything and click finish. (Rossi-Pool, et al, 2018)

The writing artifacts employed in the text include the use of a memorandum that can help address the organization's employees such as the CO and the IT department. Online guidelines are also used to guide the IT members on how to implement the application.

The artifacts are used to provide basic knowledge for the CO of the organization concerning the importance of using Google Maps in the organization. IT members are also educated on the ways to install the application and how to operate it. Implementation of the information product is very much important because it will improve the image of the organization in the face of customers.


Generally, a business organization should have a Google map that customers can use to locate it. The business should also do some basic training on how to use the application so that customers do not encounter a problem when using the product. The product should then be made available on online platforms such as the play store and Apple store to help individual customers or users to download the application on their phones. When this is done, users will, therefore, find it very easy to locate the business and even make inquiries online.


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