Essay Sample on Guitar: A Voice Against the Oppressors

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Date:  2023-01-01

This is a song that seeks to justify the life of a singer. Although other people may think that a guitar is not a powerful instrument like weapons such as guns are, the singers here seek to show that a guitar is one of the most influential instruments and they are going to use it to sing. The refrain, "We're not gonna take it" literally means that the singers are not going to accept any other way of life different from music. Music is regarded as a way of life and that is why they are going to live it to the end. The lead says, "This is our life" which refers to music. As such, the song seeks to praise singing and encourage those whose passion is music to pursue it to the very end without being intimidated.

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This song can be described as both a diegetic and non-diegetic. Musically, diegetic sound refers to a noise whose source can be identified from the screen (Moura). Some of these may include footsteps or dialogue between characters. On the other hand, non-diegetic sounds refer to sound which does not have a source on the screen. This is noise which has been added in. In this regard, the song "We're Not Gonna Take it" can be described as both a diegetic and non-diegetic. As a diegetic, before the instruments begin to play, a man is talking to a young boy. His voice and that of the boy can be clearly heard. Additionally, the singer's voices are clearly heard by the listener. The sounds of the instruments are also very clear and they can be heard as they are played. The sound of the breaking glasses can also be heard. As a non-diegetic, there are sounds of some instruments which cannot be seen on the screen meaning that the sounds have been added. From the above points, it is evident that the song is both diegetic and non-diegetic.

The video makes extensive use of innovative visual techniques. These visual techniques are used to add up to the meaning of the song and also enhance performability. Some of the visual techniques used are sound and lighting. Depending on the message of the verse being performed, the director uses different sound and lighting (Ardley). For example, when the performers are on stage before a large audience, there are what seems like disco lights where there is an alternation between bright light and darkness. This effect is appropriate for a live performance like the one presented when the song is performed before an audience.

The video director uses symbolism especially in how the performers are dressed. The performers are dressed in scaring costumes to show their willingness to fight and stand for music. The message behind these costumes is that one should not fear to do what he or she is talented in but should pursue it without fear. The video enhances the music because the action are used to put power to the words. Besides, the costumes also show a zealous group that is determined to sing at any cost. Without the video this message would not have been as clear as it is. This video uses a lot of techniques associated with postmodernism. The most dominant is the heavy use of technology. Technology has been used in this piece to bring about sound effects, and lighting.

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