Essay Sample on Gamesmanship and Sportsmanship

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This the perspective, which particular individuals take to ensure their team, wins no matter the way through. Under gamesmanship, we find people who are gamers, therefore; the people referred to as gamers, often do not care about rules or anything in completion but are dedicated to ensuring that those together with their teams emerge winners. Gamesmanship believes that winning is not everything, but it is the only thing in sports. However, sportsmanship is more like the opposite of gamesmanship. Example, Adam Gilchrist gloved a delivery from Aravinda de Silva, even though the umpire ruled him not out and he made a walk against Sri Lanka in 2003 (Jackson, 2013). Sportsmanship focuses on following the rules in the particular sports an individual is participating in and win games through the process. Sportsmen are often interested in receiving the honor after every victory they make. In addition, for sportsmanship to occur the player has to observe all the rules in the sport, respect the officials and treat the opponents with respect. For example, Paolo Di Canio received a FIFA fair play award when he caught the ball other than shoot during their match against the Everton when the goalkeeper Paul Gerrard fell on the ground injured.

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Differences and Similarities between Gamesmanship and Sportsmanship

Both gamesmanship and sportsmanship are affected by some similar factors before the start of a game including the circumstances of a match. These circumstances are an expectation on the teams performance by the spectators and coaches, pressure from the coaches, teammates, supporters, family, and the reward to be won (Jackson, 2013). Also, another factor is an opportunity where the players are at most forced and pressured to choose between their team, which they love, and moving to another team that has a better pay.

The biggest difference between gamesmanship and sportsmanship is the integrity of the game. In a situation where rules are put in place to control the flow and fairness of the game, expresses and shows sportsmanship of a game (Stimpson, 2017). These rules ensure that honor is achieved when people play. Gamesmanship has no rules and if present, they are not fully adhered to by the players. Moreover, due to gamesmanship being a bad way to play, it is not allowed in sports to help reduce the rate at people gets injured (Community Tool Box, 2016). Also, by not allowing gamesmanship, it is easy for people not to blame one another after a game with a claim of one team being more favored.

Roles and Duties of Stakeholders to Sportsmanship

Stakeholders are different individuals who have a concern to a company and whose company actions can affect them (Jackson, 2013). Types of stakeholders include project stakeholders and private stakeholders. Project stakeholders include team leaders and project managers. These may include company staff members or outside consultants. They help oversee the working of larger projects into making them a success. They also hire professionals who handle projects and report to them for guidance dependent on the specific time agreed for the professionals to provide their analysis.

Private stakeholders include regular citizen with a particular interest in ensuring that individual projects are handled and complete (Stimpson, 2017). Private stakeholders help manage in discussions that are to be carried out, vote different proposals and items budgeted during meetings, and may approve or reject particular items or designs (Community Tool Box, 2016). Additionally, in general, both stakeholders are expected to help in reviewing project that is to be delivered with the assistance of the particular hired professionals present. Moreover, for stakeholders who work on specific projects, are expected to provide good results on the projects in case they are the once who fund them. In specific project delivery, those who finance provide the last outcome of the project.


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