Essay Sample on Franklin Equipment, Ltd: Assigning Managers for Custom-Designed Machines

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Date:  2023-01-01


Franklin Equipment, Ltd is a company with the obligation of providing fabricates custom-designed machines, particularly for construction. The company, therefore, has the mandate of assigning managers to assume the role of proper managing. Franklin Equipment, Ltd is obligated to allocate trusted and well-equipped personnel to manage the various projects. The company's criteria in assigning managers are facile based on the fact that it first identifies potential and established persons. Franklin Equipment limited allocates managers to an individual project based on the skills one possesses in the required field of work.

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Based on efficiency, the company assigns duties to managers by first deriving their loyalty and their accountability to work (Juneja, 2015). Once accessed on these criteria, notable managers are then allocated. On the other hand, problems are due to arise in the managing of the company. The issues associated with these criteria are mere, but their results contain a massive impact on the company. Such problems include employees less eager in taking their burden and not being liable for keeping up with time. Due to the high number of employed persons in the company, the managers may as well indulge in unwanted grudges mostly brought about the role of responsibility.

Project team managers should set a viable example and work as a team to ensure efficiency and a conducive enabling environment for the growth of the company (Kumar, 2018). Unity in the company paves the way for effective interaction with the customers. Good public relations are enhanced as the company is suited to the validity of teamwork. As seen in the establishment of Franklin Equipment Ltd, Lack of collaboration creates a gaping gap. Based on the report after Jobe has interviewed Perry, the operations manager of the Franklin Equipment company, Perry tells Jobe that the project at the question wouldn't work. This is because Perry had been assigned to work with Rankins.

Perry assumed that the project would inevitably fail. The speculation was built in the certainty of their relation; furthermore, Perry believes that he surely can't work together with Rankin (Juneja, 2015). Gatenby interacts with all managers suited by Franklin Equipment Ltd, to gain knowledge on their perspectives to the environment they are assigned duties. Good relations and ability to respect each other barriers ensures the credibility of a sustained and eligible performing company. It's therefore advisable for the company concerned to major on the foundation of teamwork in due knowledge to its prospects. According to Jobe gaining a basic understanding of the managers and being able to analyze their capabilities sets a good record.

International projects such as the Abu Dhabi project form an essential image to the world at large. Such plans should put into considerations the primary benefits that come hand in hand with teamwork engagement (Juneja, 2015). According to Gatenby, such companies ought to view and interview each manager while analyzing their goals towards the achievement of the project. Due to the large sum of resources invested in setting up the project consultations should be competent to obtain a common agenda. Abu Dhabi project, therefore, needs a team that is ready to work together. The project is set to fail where one or two disagree on a common factor due to their differences.

Jobe faces the dilemma of enabling Perry and Ranklin to team up and work together towards the success of the project (Kumar, 2018). Furthermore, Gatenby has gained confidence in Jobe. Gatenby is confident that under the consultation of Jobe, teamwork would be established thereby paving the way to the success of the Abu Dhabi project. The big problem lies between Perry and Rankin solving their differences. More so, Perry and Rankin seem to have no hope towards the success of the project at the question. Jobe experiences more dilemma when he interacts with Stonebreaker the human resources manager. The human resources manager advocates working with both Perry and Rankin. According to Stonebreaker, he anticipates on an excellent relation and expects success; this creates the dilemma in such that Perry and Rankin are not in good terms, but Stonebreaker relates well with both.


In conclusion, Jobe's recommendation should be under the favor of both Perry and Rankin as they are the main threats towards the success of the Abu Dhabi project. Jobe's criteria for recommending ought to consider the abilities of the chosen managers and their importance. Based on the eligibility of each of the employee, Jobe is obliged to find a better way to solve issues of the members not in standard terms. The managers entrusted are too expected to work together given their goals. Jobe should, therefore, recommend Gatenby to bring together the team members and discuss their views towards the achievement of their goals. Jobe opt to clarify further that all members are liable to work together. Members not obliged to work as a team should be disqualified. Misunderstandings between two or more managers should quickly be noted, and their differences settled.


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