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The reason as to why I chose the type of questions is because I wanted the quizzes to focus on the perception of employees on our products and services. I wanted to see the services the company ranks the best according to them so that we can enhance the facilities. I wanted to also get the response of the customers on the performance, design and if our products are innovative, and see how the company will be able to improve on those services which are lowly rated.

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The survey will help the company in measuring the employee level of engagement that might influence ethical behaviour and corporate policy enforcement. Ford Motor Company focuses on putting people first through its "Human-Centered Design". They developed a program known as "HRRev" which was meant to transform the way people-related products and services in a way which significantly enhances the worker experience (Collier, 2017). Some of the techniques include the adoption of technological simplified and integrated processes and customer-oriented service centres to provide support to complain made by the employees. The service centre developed was also meant to do the following:

  • To bring proficiency and reliability
  • To simplify the feedback mechanism on the queries raised by the customers
  • The art of listening and care towards its employees

Through upholding the confidentiality and act with integrity on the dealings between the company and the customers.

Yes, the survey will help enhance the measure of employee engagement levels through having the earlier discussed people-related activities within the company. Some of the employee engagement measures in the organization include the following.

Developing Constant Communication with Employees

Communication is one of the critical factors in ensuring the company is productive and effective two-way communication has been the key to the success of the organization. The company has been able to embrace the horizontal type of connection, whereby employees can contribute to critical decisions unanimously with those in the executive.

Measuring Employee Satisfaction

Based on our yearly "Global Pulse Survey, "we motivate our workers to offer honest feedback about their job roles, workplace and overall employee satisfaction within Ford Motor Company. The obtained results will be used to inform discussions and enhance plans aimed or focused on creating positive trends (May 2012). The yearly performance objective assessment for top managers, they also benchmarked with external but related companies to understand the ways the company can be able to enhance employee satisfaction. The current employee satisfaction index score is 75 per cent, 4 per cent above the external benchmark. The primary objective of Ford Motor Company is to come up with how they will design smart vehicles for Global world that will help people move safely, with confidence and freedom.

Health and Safety of Employees

Ford Motor Company focuses on the health and safety of its employees. The company has sound policies and practices which ensure there is a safe working environment. Their health and safety approach signifies their progress and their continued desire to be world class in the maintenance of health standards (May, 2012). Their health and safety plan reveals that workers and customers are a valuable asset, and nothing is more important than their safety and well-being. This has helped to enhance the measure of employee engagement levels within Ford Motor Company.

The company conducted an assessment of the fundamental human rights, and health and safety were identified as one of the main contentious issues in terms of negatively impacting Ford's activities and business relationships. Ford Motor Company resulted in developing an intensive action plan to mitigate these issues.

Developing Strong Safety Culture Within Ford Motor Company

The company is focused on building effective communication through creating several channels which engage employees and suppliers in getting to know the safety programs and policies, which will ensure their well-being is maintained (McDonald, 2019). Workers are motivated to report on every injury, a danger so that the managers can take concrete actions to enhance recurrences and develop a safer workplace for all. External benchmarking has helped the company achieve quality performance, most people who are in both the mobile sector which share data on safety practices and industry trends and navigate on expected collaborations to highlight the current issues.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion as a Way of Increasing the Employee Engagement Levels Within Ford Motor Company

The company has focused on developing an inclusive environment. They also take pride in a workforce that replicates the society, which they work and reside (McDonald, 2019). Diversity and inclusion make the organization strongly focus on its goal, through improving the talents of employees and developing more ideas, perceptions, experiences and new ways of creating a collaborative and all inclusive working environment (McDonald, 2019). Ford Motor Company is focused on ensuring they develop policies which will make sure the workplace is appropriate. Some of the actions include increasing the hours (20,000 hrs) of training for all salaried employees to instil the standard of courtesy that is not negotiable and also offer supplementary leadership and diversity training for the "Human Resource teams." The workers have also been increased to offer investigative support at both "plants", and they will answer back to the Human Resources Manager at the headquarters in "Dearborn."

Discouraging Harassment and Prejudice Within the Company

Ford Motor Company candidly discourages contrary to bullying and discrimination. This was after the initial formal "human rights saliency assessment", they recognise that harassment and prejudice as one of the negative factors hindering customer engagement levels within the company. They will solve this issue by including workers in their activities and ensuring respect is maintained.

Promoting Respectful and Inclusive Workers

The workers are promoting employee responsibility for inclusion by communicating expected behaviours via social media and training (May, 2012). Supplementary resources include employee aided programs and health initiatives. For instance, the company was able to solve discrimination and harassment issues and promote collaboration which will enhance the employee engagement levels. The aspect of reducing work schedules of the workers, job sharing among colleagues, telecommuting will improve the employee engagement levels and overall productivity and communication tools.


Ford Motor Company is based on strong core values which have aided to cope up with the obstacles and lead to its success. Despite its ethical issues in the yesteryears, the company has proven to be a moral leader in the car industry. It is evident that the company is focused on ensuring there is an all-inclusive program which will involve all workers and this has been seen as a strategy by the managers to improve the engagement of employee levels. This will, in turn, improve on productivity and communication tools for enhancing the communication medium between workers and top management.


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