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Date:  2022-11-03


The rise in technology has been significant in the world in various ways. Various features of technology have been developed which are used for different purpose. One of the most common features of technology is the internet. The internet has led to the development of social media which has to enable people from different places to interact easily with each other. The most common social media that have been developed is twitter and face book. Facebook and Twitter are associated with a particular phenomenon, and they have contributed a lot to globalization. Also, social media has been linked to specific positive and negative cultural implications.

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The phenomena associated with Facebook is that when a person joins, he or she is expected to send requests to people so that they can be friends. Also, one can create a page and invite those who have already joined face book to like the pages. Therefore, when a person shares information through the posts, it will reach a large number of people. The phenomena associated with Twitter is that when a person successfully signs up, he or she will have to follow other people who will then follow back. When this person posts something, it will be visible to those who have followed him or her.

The presence of social media has been significant especially in globalization. Globalization refers to the act of conducting activities at a global level. Social media has been playing a substantial role in globalization because it has created a platform whereby people from different places around the globe can interact and share ideas (Naylor, Lumberton, & West, 2012). These ideas can then be used to carry out various activities such as business or governance at the international level.

The rise of social media has been associated with specific cultural implications. These cultural implications can be classified into positive as well as negative. One of the positive cultural implications of social media is that it has increased the connection between different people. Through social media, it has been easy to communicate with different people due to the platforms that have been developed. Social media has led to the establishment of an environment whereby people can share their ideas and other sorts of information. Sharing thoughts and other kinds of information have led to increased creativity among different people (Xiang, & Gretzel 2010). The presence of social media has made it easy to conduct business because it can be used as a tool for advertisement and marketing. The other positive implications of social media is that it is easy to get news and understand what is going on locally and globally.


As much as social media has had positive cultural implications, there are some negative ways that it has affected our culture. One of these ways is that people over social media can share whatever they want. This element has reached a point whereby individual post inappropriate photos such as nude pictures. The second adverse effect of social media is that it has affected the youths because it has reduced physical activity. Most youths tend to spend a lot of their time on social media, and they cannot do any other activity. These individuals will prefer to sit down behind a computer screen or their phones and chat the whole day. This high level of inactivity has led to the rise of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and heart problems among young individuals. The other negative implication of social media is that it has led to increased cases of bullying and harassment. This issue affects the kids the most, and they will have low self-esteem and depression in their life (O'Keeffe, & Clarke-Pearson 2011). That last negative implication that is associated with social media is that every person has his or her idea on different issues. As a result of this, there have been a lot of arguments over social media.


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