Essay Sample on EZ-Pleeze: Maximizing Employee Performance & Productivity

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Organizational Culture of EZ-PleezeThe culture of EZ-Pleeze involves the desire to offer the best to the company's customers, community, and employees. The organization has proven that employees are the most essential and the biggest assets when it comes to achieving the set-out objectives and long term vision of the company. Through its effort, the organization ensures the performance of its employees is optimal, and an increase in productivity. The company also ensure its employees grow and develop professionally. Additionally, the company encourages innovation and creativity among its employees. Employees are motivated by the way the company takes care of their welfare and personal development. EZ-Pleeze also takes part in numerous volunteer events aimed at bettering the community life. The various venture has been undertaken by the organization as a way of expressing their social responsibility towards the environment and society.

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Appropriateness of the Current Mission Statement

EZ-Pleeze's current mission statement supports the company's culture emphasizing on the main focus of the organization, which are genetic modifications, technology, and nutrition. The consumers within the economy are more concerned with their health, and they are continuously looking for products that are healthy while at the same time of high quality and appealing. The mission statement factors in the desire by the consumers, and mentions the need for the organization to invest in its employees. The mission of the organization ensures that the company does not only focus on profit-making but also to take care of the environment within which it operates and improve the life of the society.

Appropriateness of the Current Vision Statement

The existing vision statement for the organization is more appropriate. The company aims to gain recognition as among the top three potato and corn producers in the US and the entire world. When making changes in the structures within the organization, and on the procedures, the company do so while considering the vision, and working towards realizing it. The changes made are aimed to enhance the competitive advantage of the company within the industry it operates in.

Strategic Decision-Making Structure of EZ-PleezeStructure

EZ-Pleeze has a strategic decision-making team that consists of six people, and they conduct their duties within a given structure. The team is made up of the chief of the chief of operation, the chief executive officer, marketing director, research and development director, the chief financial officer, and the director in charge of production and manufacturing. The team plays a vital role in steering the company forwards by making the crucial decisions that are then implemented by various managers.

The chief operation officer reports to the chief executive officer of the company, and he or she is on the same level as the CFO in the organization chart. The chief operations officer oversees the operation of the company and ensures the vision and mission statements of the company are upheld. Additionally, the operation officer oversees the work of the production and manufacturing director, the marketing director, and the director for research and development within the organization. The operation officer comes up with the plan to allow various agencies to acquire the objectives and the dreams of the enterprise hence helping the organization realize its dream and potential. Tim Burnes is the chief executive officer and the founder of the organization, and he is ranked highest in the organizational chart. He is tasked with making and implementing key decisions within the organization and manages the general operation of the company. Additionally, he makes the various plans and ensures everyone adheres to the plans by asserting his authority, which must be followed.

The chief finance officer reports to the CEO and plays an influential role when it comes to the formulation and the implementation methods that are crucial for the company's success. The CEO depends on the CFO when making plans since the CFO offers financial advice to guide him in key decision making. The CFO provided guidance when it comes to making decisions involving the domestic and international expansion of EZ-Pleeze, and decision making on new technological investment. The CFO handles the various financial planning matters, flow of resource, management accounts preparation and reporting, overseeing Audit of the company, and analyzing the various financial risks the company is facing at any given time.

John Kerrington is the current marketing director of EZ-Pleeze, he reports to the chief operating officer and he is on the same level with the director for manufacturing and production and the director for development and research within the organization chart. The marketing director oversees the various advertising campaigns, components of branding, and the staff entrusted with the marketing works. The marketing director formulates and ensures the implementation of the plans aimed at achieving the objectives and goals of the organization.

Mary Miller is the director for development and research, and she is entitled to lead the research and improvement projects and ensure the budget of research and development is maintained. She is mandated to advance the culture surrounding research and development and ensure customers are made aware of the trend happening within the organization.

The manufacturing and production director is mandated to oversee the merchandise production process. The director ensures the merchandise meets the requirements and standards and adhered to by the staff during the production. The director comes up with the plans to ensure the standards are met, and quality products are produced.

Internal influences on the Strategic Decision Making

The employees form a crucial part of the internal aspects influencing the strategic decision making of the organization. Various resources are allocated to the employees to enable them to perform optimally, and they are motivated by various incentives aimed at bettering their welfare since they are a crucial part of the organization. The management should, therefore, consider employees when making various strategic decisions (Garvin, 993). The strong customer service of the company also dictates the decisions made when it comes to strategic decisions.

External Influences on the Strategic Decision-Making

The key element emanating externally and influences the key decision-makers of the organization is the consumer demand. The consumer is interested in quality and healthier products. These considerations must be factored in by the organization while making various decisions such as the allocation of resources to advance the research and development department. EZ-Pleeze should also consider the influence of its competitors in making decisions relating to the allocation of funds for advertisement.

Advantages of the Current Strategic Plan

By supplying their products to the various food companies which are considering expanding to oversees, the company is advantageous since there is an opportunity for the company to gain access to the global market. The consumer base is created by companies that deal with fast foods. The current strategy has also enabled EZ-Pleeze to change the revenue channel to the foodservice market from supermarkets. The company can maximize the new market as the competitors have not taken the same path hence creating loyal customers in the market (Meloche & Plank, 2006).

Disadvantages of the Current Strategic Plan

The competition level forces the company to reduce the prices, which in turn leads to a decline in revenue. This calls for the need for the company to invent the best way to compensate for the loss I revenue. Another disadvantage is that EZ-Pleeze does not have a wide product range as its revenue only depends on the corn and potato product sales (Shojaei, Taheri & Mighani, 2010). There is a need to expand and diversify on the various lines to increase the revenue received.


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