Essay Sample on Exploring the Benefits of Nvivo 11.0 in Content Analysis

Paper Type:  Dissertation results
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Date:  2023-03-27

Nvivo 11.0 was used in the content analysis process as the textual analysis feature to examine data through contextual linkages of the survey. No bias was experienced in the analysis as Nvivo 11.0 was majorly utilized to scrutinize the primary themes without putting any keywords into the engines query. Each participant was assigned a unique code, to ensure privacy and confidentiality, and the results of the interviews were then put in transcripts to facilitate the documentation of both emerging and recurring dataset. In the process of conducting data analysis, it was essential to pay attention to detail to ensure the validity and reliability of the findings. Nvivo 11.0 software was used to code, analyze, and organize data.

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The data analysis began with the use of Nvivo 11.0 just after the information was collected. The study provided an opportunity to understand parents' and teachers' perceptions of parental involvement based on personal life experiences. After the transcription of the interviews, parents, and teachers had an opportunity to review the data collected to ensure accuracy. The data were transcribed and coded using the thematic analysis method by looking for patterns and themes which determined the meanings of the interview transcripts (Moustakas, 1994). The thematic analysis method ensured that the responses made by the parents and teachers aligned with the interview questions. Nvivo was used for coding, organizing, and analyzing data. Descriptive statistics were employed to examine the quantitative of the data that was generated from the close-ended questions.

The information was presented in transcripts that had tables, line graphs, and bars. Data triangulation - integration of qualitative and quantitative data during the analysis process helped to enhance the overall trustworthiness of the study. The Nvivo software helped in analyzing and presenting qualitative data. The software package was useful for analyzing the gathered information and made predictions about the effects of parental involvement on the academic achievements of students. The software allowed the investigator to derive results that are clear and statistically valid easily. The method approach to data analysis developed more significant insights into how parents' perspectives of their involvement in the academic life of their children impact their achievement. Braun and Clarke's six-phase framework helped to make sure that the participants' responses aligned with the questionnaire and interview questions, eliminate information that was not relevant to the study, and identify recurrent themes.

It should be noted that the primary software tool that was used to analyze the data collected included Nvivo 11.0. Triangulation was equally utilized when the data was collected from a variety of informants. Data triangulation was instrumental in determining the dependability and trustworthiness of the data collected. After the data was collected, the researcher needed to identify the existing commonalities in the responses provided by participants to determine the current themes. The process could have been complicated, but it was vital to keep in mind that the existing ideas were the described experience, which could not be altered without losing the intended meaning (Latunde, 2016). If it was possible to modify the aspects without losing the intended purpose, then the element was not essential and was not a component of the theme (Yuko & Hamud, 2015). After collecting a significant amount of information, it was necessary to organize the data in an orderly manner. Breaking down the data gathered and grouping it using codes was instrumental in identifying essential aspects and developing themes (Hornby, 2011). It was also necessary to eliminate assumptions, biases, and preconceived ideas from the process of data analysis. The results of this data analysis could potentially lead to improved parental involvement and academic achievement of children.

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