Essay Sample on Ethical Implications for Encouraging Chinese Luxury Tourism in Hawaii

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Date:  2022-11-01


Hawaii is one of the island where people from various parts of the world like spending their holidays. One of the reasons why people like the place is because of its natural beauty. Another important characteristic is the presence of expensive hotels, which complement the luxury tourism in the area. Luxury tourism in Hawaii is a matter for discussion among many people with interest in tourism as the experience people go for in the place cost them up to $3,500 per a day (Yang, Zhang & Mattila, 2015). The need to look at the ethical issues for consideration in using the luxury tourism in Hawaii is among the recent discussions that drawn the attention of scholars to want to understand the relationship between luxury and the satisfaction that people should get when they go for tourist visits to high-end tourists destinations such as Hawaii Island (Shih 2011). Due to the realization that Chinese luxury travelers are important in the tourism business, many hotels, such as the ones in Hawaii target them. It is important to understand the ethical issues related to Hawaii luxury tourism as a way of understanding the aspects of tourism. Some ethical issues to be considered include cultural acceptance, disregarding the preference by the tourists and the use of factors that influence luxury shopping to defraud the tourists of their money

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Cultural acceptance is one of the ethical considerations made in supporting luxury tourism in Hawaii. One of the cultural aspects of luxury tourism is whether it aligns to the culture of the people in the area. In as much as the high-end tourism hotel facilities and traveling comforts may not be meant for the locals, it affects their way of life as people go there to observe the culture of the people in such areas as well (Shih 2011). If the luxury tourism in Hawaii can include some of the cultural activities of the people in Hawaii, they the tourism projects can make sense to many of the locals. That is because the people who will be performing the cultural activities will be members of the local communities who will earn from their contribution to the tourism industry.

Another ethical consideration is the honesty among agents on the preferences of the client as regards the high-end tourism facilities in Hawaii. The agents should be obligated to reflect the exact concerns and preferences by the clients as regards the quality of services, especially in relation to the prices (Mossaz & Coghlan, 2016). When agents fail to tell the truth about the quality of services the clients prefer, the company may not have sufficient information in the form of feedback to help in making necessary adjustments in the luxury tourism service delivery in Hawaii. Information flow between the client and the company management is one of the ways that changes can be made so that the needs of the clients are addressed to ensure they get value for their money. One of the reasons the agents may opt for lying about the preferences of the clients is to remain relevant to the company and be seen as good agents (Mossaz & Coghlan, 2016). One of the ethical obligations of the agents would, therefore, be complete honesty with the clients on the quality of services offered as lying about that may lead to loss of trust and confidence of the client in the company. To ensure this is achieved, the agents should earn their pay after the clients give their feedback and confirm that what they were told by the agents is what they have come to experience from the start of their visit.

Lastly, it is important to look into the factors that influence luxury shopping by tourists in Hawaii. The ethical question is, should the sellers capitalize on the factors influencing luxury shopping as a way of compelling the tourists to buy? Emotional attachment being one of the factors that influence luxury shopping among tourists in Hawaii, it is used unethically, for instance, people lie about the meaning of the products they sell in such a way that the buyers get emotionally attached. Such manipulations are among the ethical issues affecting luxury tourism in Hawaii as the duped tourism come to realize they were cheated and end up feeling that the entire tourism industry is designed to cheat them of their money. Other factors such as social value, prestige sensitivity, and fashion leadership are among the issues raised by the business people influence the tourists' shopping decisions.


In summary, ethical issues that reduce the values attached to the luxury tourism in Hawaii include cultural acceptance, disregarding the preference by the tourists and the use of factors that influence luxury shopping to defraud the tourists of their money. Since luxury tourism includes expensive services such as high-end hotels, it is important that value, transparency and cultural competence is attached to them. One of the reasons people love Chinese luxury tourism in Hawaii is because it reaches with culture, which as an area of interest among many tourists from many parts of the world. Addressing ethical issues can lead to more success in Chinese luxury tourism in Hawaii.


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