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Management has been referred to be the backbone and the center of any organization operation and activities. It is a role that is highly considered to be integral in the success of a business because most of the decisions to running and maintenance of the organization emanate from the management positions. Managers represent the individuals who control and delegate duties through the managerial position, and they are thus the center of management. It is essential for every organization to ensure that their management slot and position is occupied by a competent individual who will effectively delegate and the roles of a manager and towards the workers in the organization. Management is a group of principles that are engaged in the daily operation and running of any organization towards their success. Business operations need to consider the importance and the dire need to ensure that the principles of management are adequately adhered to in the process of achieving the organizations set objectives and target goals. The essay will delve into management as a field in any business activity and the roles that the managers are entitled to ensure a smooth operation of events in a business setting.

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Management refers to the group of activities that are put into place by an organization to oversee the running of the daily activities through the use of the available scarce resources for the achievement of the set objectives in the business. These set of principles are the order of operation in any management aspects as they are the backbone to management activity. Most of the successful business enterprises focus their attention on the four function or principles of management as they are the epitome of success and their effective delegation leads to the overall success of all the fields of management in an organization. The roles of management which house the role of management in an organization are among the following; Planning, Organizing, Controlling, and influencing.

One of the primary functions of a manager in any organization is the role of hiring. Hiring is the process of selecting individuals who are qualified and competent to fill in a position left vacant in organizations. Managers are equipped to ensure that they select individuals who are of value to the business and are ready to be a part of the organization setting. It is their mandate to effectively and keenly select individual for posts left vacant by evaluating the performance of those selected for the position. (Noe et al., 2017)

Managers are also mandated to undertake the process of planning as it is the center of business activities. Managers in a business are mandated to formulate the various strategies and blueprints that the organization will use in the execution of the objectives of the organization. The multiple activities involved in the mapping of strategies include decisions on the product lines that the firm might want to offer in the market, these strategies of differentiation, which is essential in the market economy. These strategies are crucial to an organizations setting because they aid in creating a competitive edge over the business's competitor in the market. Managers are therefore relied upon to develop strategies that will channel the company to success and effective performance in the competitive economy.

Managers are also mandated in training and developing of staff members in an organization. Besides hiring of their employees, managers are also mandated to practice and in shaping the skills of their employees in the organization. It is a crucial set skill and role because it helps in the setting the new employees to the business setting and the objectives of the entire organizations. Managers provide solutions too problem by addressing any critical issue that the employees might want to be treated as they join their organization. It is the role of the managers and the management as a whole to ensure that their employees are well directed and trained to be productive in business organizations. (Ansoff et al., 2018)

Managers are also mandated to the organization of the entire organization as a whole. Managers are tasked to delegate various duties through organizing. Various individuals in the levels of operation in the organization are given roles and duties from the management desk. The organization of task to the various individual in the organization is essential in the determination of the performance of each in the organization. Managers have a significant role in the assessment of every individual's performance as a way to elevate the success and failures of various divisions of the organization. (Changeux, J. P. (2017

Motivation and influencing is a function possessed by the management and is aimed at guiding the various activities that the members of the organization. The main aim to motivation and influencing of staff members is usually aimed at improving and increasing the productivity of each employee and therefore translating to the entire organization. Active engagement of managers and their workers is an essential principle that managers should poses because it is a skill that improves and 9influences the success of business operations.

Effective communication is an essential skill that all managers have to poses because it is the core principle to success of any business organization. Effective communication is essential in the delegation of duties and ensuring that instructions delegated to the subordinates in the business are well understood to prevent any chances of miscommunication, which might lead to failure of the set objectives. Effective communication is a skill that every manager must look for in their managers because it sets the tone for business operation in any firm. Managers need to communicate to their juniors when delegating duties and this activity has to be performed in the most effective way to prevent any cases of misunderstanding in the process as it might affect the results and performance of the organization.

The innovation of ideas for the activities of the organization is a function that rests upon the mangers. Managers have to be creative in the identification of viable business ideas that can be productive in the business setting. Innovative initiatives through innovation by the managers have been the success behind significant companies in the world economy. It is a skill that managers have to employ in the operation because it defines and channels the business to more meaningful and higher success in the market economy. Management is a field that is continuous with the constant advancement in technology, and this, therefore, demands managers be creative and innovative to the changes that the business is embracing in the daily scope. Creativity and innovativeness is an essential principle that the management embraces for it is an asset skill that creates a competitive ability required in the competitive market.


Management is a required field in a business setting because of the essence to which the area has in the success of the business operations. Managers are required to have various skills that are important in the daily activities of the organization. Planning, control, influencing, are among the essential skills that any manager is supposed to have in the running of management activities in an organization. The business world is continually changing through technology, and this thus requires that managers be creative and embrace these changes by being proactive to the differences rather than reactive because they define the position of the business in the market and consequently its success.


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