Essay Sample on Elevate Your Company Image: The Impact of Employee Behaviors

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Date:  2023-05-09


The behaviors of employees can significantly affect the image of an organization. Good management and proper vetting of employees is essential for the growth and productivity of the company. Professional and ethical behaviors exhibited by the employees elevate the company status and public perception. In contrast, unprofessional and unethical employees have the potential to destroy a company from the poor public image and perception. Domino's Pizza had maintained an excellent reputation over the years; however, the disgusting and unethical behavior by two of their employees almost brought the company down.

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The unsanitary acts performed by the two domino's employees were a marketing nightmare. Domino's public relations department failed by not responding appropriately and in time concerning the multiple sides of the issue. Besides the act being gross and disgusting, it didn't reflect the behavior of all the employees of Domino. Still, lack of proper communication changed people's perception concerning employee's behavior of all Domino outlets hence tainting their image.

Domino's management settled for a "wait and saw attitude," probably due to lack of another good strategy to mitigate the damage done. Keeping quiet and hoping people would forget, and things get back to normalcy seemed like the best idea to them in dealing with the crisis. However, little did they know the video would get viewed by many people and continue spreading far and wide like bush fire. Assuming the video would not have the attention of many people was a colossal mistake (Robbins et al., 2018). We are living in an era where everything is influenced and controlled by social media.

The wait and see response ignited anger and restlessness from Domino's customers, thus creating a problem. The people thought Domino's management was ignoring the gross and unprofessional misconduct exhibited by their employees or worse they didn't know about it. The administration is liable for the employee's behaviors. Therefore, they should take responsibility for mistakes committed. Such unethical behavior puts a company at a distinct disadvantage, and it may prove difficult to maintain customers or attract new ones, which is why Domino's management response of "wait and see" instead of addressing the issue immediately it occurred was a problem.

The communication problem exhibited when dealing with the crisis can be prevented at other Domino's Pizza and restaurants through implementing the following measures. First, Domino's should hire well trained and qualified personnel for a particular job. People with relevant skills for a job can identify the intensity and urgency of a problem and alert their superiors in time. They should also be able to come up with appropriate measures in case a problem arises.

Secondly, apart from hiring employees with the right skills and morals, there should be a clear and direct communication between the managers and employees. Any arising issues should be addressed and solved appropriately to ensure the needs of the employees are met and avoid unruly behaviors meant to tarnish the company's name out of revenge or anger. Unethical behavior disadvantages a business by destroying the relationship with stakeholders, especially customers, who may be difficult to keep.


In conclusion, Domino's Pizza and the restaurant had a reputable image over the years; however, the disgusting and unethical behavior by two of their employees almost brought the company down. How the company handled the matter further worsened the situation for choosing to keep quiet instead of addressing the public immediately.


Robbins, S., Coulter, M., DeCenzo, D., & Woods, M. (2018). Management (14th ed.). Pearson

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