Essay Sample on Dominion Virginia Power: Supplying Electrical Power & Handling Energy Emergencies

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Date:  2023-05-22

Dominion Virginia Power Company, popularly known as Dominion, is an American energy and power company that supplies electrical power in most areas of Virginia (Dominion Energy, 2020). Other than supplying electrical power, the company is also in charge of handling energy emergencies in the location. Dominion Energy, Inc. has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, located along the Hampton Roads VA (Dominion Energy, 2020). The two most significant stakeholders are Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) and the Dominion Power Company shareholders. The HRSD is in charge of the water waste management processes as well as the sustainability of clean and safe water. Nevertheless the Dominion Power Company manages the transmission of electricity across the parts of Virginia; it oversees activities in about 6,000 miles of electricity transmission lines (Dominion Energy, 2020). These two stakeholders are responsible for the emergency and crisis management in the Virginia region. Both of them ensure effective response whenever disaster strikes. The most significant threats to the Dominion Power Company are natural disasters, and they include tornados, floods, and hurricanes, among others. These threats usually cause severe power outages. Besides, HRSD's most significant threat is flooding, which is usually caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. The significant difference between the responsibilities of these two stakeholders is that the Dominion Power Company depends on the service of well-versed and experienced electricians - they visit affected locations and sites to fix power outages; the HRSD does not send out its personnel to such locations and areas - they correct the issues at their facilities to accommodate its customers.

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In my consideration, I believe that the selected hazard can be managed by the stakeholders at the local level. The Dominion Power Company generally handles power grids based on locations. As such, when an area that has been assigned to a specific grid is affected by a hazard, then Dominion Power Company can centralize the issue and ensure that the problem only affects the customers in that grid, and not an entire lot of customers. The impact of such a hazard does not ideally strike an entire state, and so it does not require state or federal intervention when disaster strikes. The local government can conveniently manage the situation on its own and be accountable for restoring conditions to normal. It would only be necessary to involve the state and federal government for assistance when the situation is overwhelming for the local government to manage; for example, when significant resources to replace the power grids are required, then state or federal intervention would be required.


Dominion Energy, (2020). About: The Dominion Power and Transmission Company, 1896-1930. Archivaria, 19, 152-161. Retrieved from

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