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Date:  2021-06-26

The distribution process of a product has several factors to be put into consideration. This includes timing, the costs of transport, the mode of transport to be used and the amount of items to be distributed. This is because the distribution process of a product has an impact on the level of satisfaction of a client. Therefore, there is need to address the issue of distribution through the identification and the use of methods of distribution of products that are most effective. The elements necessary to be considered during the distribution process include the type of products, timely availability of products and the accessibility to suppliers of the goods. Furthermore, the time required to deliver products to a client, the necessities required by the customs office and the volume of the products (Rushton, Croucher & Baker, 2014).

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The logistics involves the handling of the distribution of products, how to store the products appropriately and the delivering of the products to the clients on time. For proper and convenient distribution of goods and services there is need to come up with a framework. The plan should put into consideration inbound logistics that is the general flow of raw materials for the manufacturing process. Secondly, the internal logistics involving the distribution of finished products and moving waste raw materials. Lastly, the outbound logistics involving preparing of products for distribution to the relevant consumers including management, packing and shipping of goods. The good things about the process distribution of products in Canada are that the costs of shipping are relatively low; the modification of the goods is much easier. To add on, the regulations existing on imports and tariffs are not an issue anymore. The shortcoming is that the efficient distribution process of products is cumbersome and requires a lot of capital and personnel to adopt (Rushton, Croucher & Baker, 2014).

Order Processing

Inventory Control



Material Handling

Inventory control - provides information on what to order and the quantity

Order processing - indicates the orders received which are then processed and the products distributed to the necessary customers

Warehousing - describes the number of products that require to be kept in a warehouse, the location as well as the type

Handling materials - provides information on how to move products into, within and out of the warehouse for distribution

Transportation - describes the means used to transport the products either through rail, pipeline, trucks, water, and internet or by air.

In conclusion, it is important to apply good distribution strategies of products in order to satisfy customers and achieve positive outcomes from the processes involved.

Work Cited

Rushton, A. Croucher, P. & Baker, P. The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain. Page Publishers, 2014.

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