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Customers are significant asset of the organization. It is the responsibility of the management of an organization to ensure they receive quality service, offer a high quality product at a lower price to increase their satisfaction and also to increase their brand loyalty. Customers complains arise when there is dissatisfaction which is caused by poor product quality and low quality services that the company offers. These kinds of services decrease their loyalty to the company thus can easily make them switch to competitors. It is, therefore, necessary for the company to ensure that customers receive a high level of satisfaction to prevent them from changing to competitors (John, 2003). Sparky Electrics is a company that offers electricity services and also deals in the sale of electric appliances and products. The sales manager has been receiving several customer complaints showing that the customers are not happy with either product quality or services. This is a serious problem which the company should address to ensure every customer is happy and satisfied with what they receive. To provide a solution to this problem, it is appropriate to convene a meeting of executives and other employees to find resolution and feedback to the customer complaints. The CEO assigned the project manager to organize, chair and to ensure that the meeting discussed relevant issues relating to what can cause customer complaints.

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Meeting Organization

It is not easy to organize a meeting that discusses customer complaints. The discussion regarding customer complaints requires a heated debate because it involves workers that contribute to the charges. The employees have a responsibility of ensuring that customers provide positive feedback about the company. They are responsible for providing satisfactory product and services which enhance their happiness and satisfaction. The employees of the organization are likely to perceive the meeting as a way of discussing their characters and witch hunting, and therefore they are likely to resist the meeting (John, 2003). Convening the meeting requires proper planning and scheduling to ensure that the meeting is run in a proper manner. When organizing the meeting, various documents must be circulated before convening a meeting. These documents include later of invitation, Program of the meeting, Agenda and other materials discussed below.

Agenda of the Meeting

This is a significant document that should be created before the meeting. It is the plan which is used for the meeting. The Secretary prepares agenda and approved by the Project manager. It is one of the documents which is circulated to members who are required to attend the meeting. Agenda is circulated in either hard copy or in digital form to ensure that every participant receives it (Fornell and Dekimpe 2010). The agenda contains various topics that the members are required to discuss such as customer complaints and the tasks that the members are needed to accomplish within a given time interval. In most case, the meeting gets its structure through the agenda and most cases it is in the online format. Each section of the agenda has its own time and a brief note in each section. The agenda for every team member must also be included. It is necessary to label each agenda with a header containing the date and the objective of the meeting. Within the agenda, there is a name, age, time and venue of the meeting at the top. Furthermore, it has attendance, visitors, and absent with apologies.

Attendance Sheet

The meeting must have an attendance sheet which shows members present, absent and absent with apologies. This document must be kept because it contains the list of those who attend the meeting. The report has names, positions, contact number, and email address. This document is essential in ensuring that the person taking minutes write down the names and also ensure they can be contacted easily when there is a need for an internal meeting. Although it is used for internal meetings, it can also be used for external meetings where customers are required to participate (John, 2003). Because this meeting needs very many people from various departments, it must be prepared for this meeting discussing customer complaints.

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

The lexicon is also another document that must be circulated in the meeting. Because there are some terms which are not familiar to other workers during the discussion (Fornell and Dekimpe 2010). It is necessary to have a glossary of terms and acronyms to ensure that every member understands the meaning of every business term used in the meeting. This is essential in providing that every participant follows the discussion and eliminate unnecessary interruptions.

Code of Ethics/Codes of Conduct

It is essential for the project manager to circulate rules, standards, and values which guide the decision-making process in the meeting. These standards are applied to ensure there is behavioral parameters and ethics are used beyond the meeting only. It is always unethical to disclose information shared in the meeting with other people especially competitors. This is to ensure there is a smooth running and management of the meeting.

Attachments to Minutes

Within the meeting, it is necessary to read a policy or a procedure before the start of the meeting. The members must agree on the system to follow when discussing issues about customer satisfaction. The document must be read out to all the participants and copy given to each member.

Presentation Papers

Presentation paper should also be in this meeting. It will be circulated to every member in a meeting. Even though it is done using projectors, every attendant should have a copy to help them have a record of what they have discussed in the meeting. This is essential in ensuring that they can identify an important point that can help in their decision.

Question for Participants

There are several questions that participants can respond to during the discussion in the meeting. These questions will ensure that find a solution to customer complaints. They must relate to customer satisfaction and quality service. The questions are as follows.

  • How do you know that the customer is satisfied?
  • What can increase customer satisfaction
  • What can you do to ensure that every customer is satisfied?
  • What action can be taken to reduce customer complaints
  • What do you think about the leading cause of customer complaints?
  • What do you think the customers expect from you?
  • How can you fulfill customer needs?
  • Do you think the customers can receive what they expect from us?
  • Do you think we offer the best product or service to our customers?

These questions are essential in understanding the needs of the customers. These questions must relate to customer experience and feedback as they are the main factors that support the decision of the meeting about customer complaints.

Meeting Logistics

Making the correct decision for the meeting is critical to the success of the meeting. For the project manager to identify the right venue, it is essential to consider the target audience. The number of participants and the kind of guest that should attend the meeting. Because the event is an employee meeting, it should be held within the boardroom with a larger capacity. Before deciding on the venue, it is necessary to estimate the number of people willing to attend the meeting. At the same time, it is required to check the calendar keenly because the date of the meeting influences the decision being made at the conference. Flexibility is needed when choosing the date of the meeting to identify a time that favors all the workers and guest you expect to attend the meeting. The budget also influences the choice of the venue. The budget must be fixed to ensure that the event is reasonable. The place selected also depend on the ability of the organization to pay. The organization which financially stable can hire a venue based on its financial capability. Scoping out various locations is also another step when identifying the correct place for the meeting. The guests are required to determine the dates in which the event can be held, but it is the responsibility of the project manager to choose the location where the meeting is held. The available places include hotels and conference halls which can be used to hold a meeting (Fornell and Dekimpe 2010). Necessary the venue must have the right space that can accommodate the kind of event being held. It must have enough space, light, required number of tables and chairs and must be ready to offer catering services. Venue reputation is another factor to consider. Reputation is likely to allow guest to receive high quality services and give room for better discussion and decision making. After finding the correct venue, let people know about what is going to be discussed in the meeting. Make an invitation for various workers to attend the meeting. After inviting the people to develop a plan for the meeting. Think of the agenda of the meeting, facilitation and decision-making processes that will be used in the meeting as it deals with a complicated issue about customer complaints. A rough agenda need to be made and make the correct decision on the order to follow during the meeting. Make a rough proposal of the agenda and give other participants an opportunity to add what can be used as the agenda of the meeting. Then make a priority on what should be discussed first and last. This is important in making all the organization stakeholders developing a feeling of involvement.

It is also necessary to identify a facilitator because it allows the meeting to be inclusive and efferent by enabling the members to decide and obey the meeting structure. The facilitator keeps the meeting focus and controls the discussion.

During the meeting ensure all the seats are arranged exclusively to allow all the members to be in a position to see each other. At the arrival welcome them and introduce each one of them to let all of the members to receive greetings (Fornell and Dekimpe 2010). Then ensure that the members agree on the agenda because there was a rough proposal off the agenda. At the same time give the members an opportunity to decide on the time they would like the meeting to end.

During the meeting encourage participation of all the members, and it is essential to ensure there are no discriminatory remarks made by some members. For the efficient running of the meeting, the meeting should not be heated but have breaks to allow the members col off. Furthermore, the meeting must always be positive and accept conflicts as it could give the best outcome.

After the meeting ensures that every member receives the minutes of the meeting. Everything discussed in the meeting must be included in the minutes to ensure that it is all inclusive. Before making a conclusion, the meeting is evaluated by leaving some minutes at the end of each agenda and ask the members of what went on well and what they need to improve.

Catering and Accommodation

Meals are provided in the meeting. During the meeting, the attendants would receive breakfast and lunch. They would be served by outside catering that will be given the opportunity to prepare and serve the meals within a stipulated time interval. Members are expected to have a tea break at 10. PM and lunch at 1.PM according to the schedule. There was no accommodation because members were not required to spend the night. Notice of Meeting...

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