Essay Sample on Cultural Liaison: Supporting Student Diversity in Sports and Exercise

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As a cultural liaison, my role is to ensure that the students learning about sports and exercise field have made the correct choices when it comes to the sport and exercise discipline. The course is one that is diverse and willing to support students who portray their urge for diversity. I am well equipped with the various skills like communication, physical, intellectual, and social interrelations between the students. With the high ability, I will do my best to help the students to be good at what they do in sports and exercise (Sydney University, 2019). This will be of great assistance to aid in the proper maintenance of healthcare for the people in the community. The sports and exercise culture will be enhanced in the community through mu help by carrying out my duties diligently.

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The Theoretical Relevance of the Relationship between Social Determinants, Human Rights, Cultural Competence, and Health Outcomes

Aside from the medically related factors, there are other factors like social, cultural, and human rights culture that influence the results of healthcare. Based on the development of an individual, community, and society levels is where we can note positive results from the medical field. Together with the capability of control of the medical services, health education regarding sports and exercises and being in a position to deal with the challenging issues (Zimmerman, Woolf & Haley, 2019). The best way in which positive health results acquired is also influenced by the positive change in that sector. To promote a fair distribution of health, social, cultural, and human rights issues have to be considered and practiced relatively. I believe that professionals should play their role to achieve the goal of promotion of health, which is sports and exercise in this case. The individual opinions should also be combined with other methods to help come up with levels that are at the very best. The main goal is to create an environment that supports the choices that people make in matters of their health. It is considered to be a manner through which health standards are acquired at ease and with cooperating and contribution from all parties (Newman, Baum. Javanparasat, O'Rourke & Carlon, 2015).

Practical Examples and Professional Links to the Enactment of the Constituents

To be considered as competent culturally to deliver medical services, first a definition of cultural ability/ competence is; the method through which a medical care provider works in the cultural aspect of their client. It is a process towards becoming competent culturally. It varies from cultural knowledge, awareness, skill, desire, and encounter. Cultural awareness- is a persona examination conducted individually regarding biases against other cultures. Cultural experience- is when a medical practitioner gets information about diversity in different cultures. Artistic skill- is the ability of a medical practitioner to have a cultural assessment of his client to acquire information about his client. Cultural encounters- this is a process through which a direct involvement of the doctor with the clients. It is used to avoid biased thinking about various cultures. Cultural desire- this is the motivation of a medical care practitioner to be engaged in the awareness programs in culture. The five have been adopted towards the achievement of the intended purpose of having a well catered for community and society health wise (Transcultural Care, 2015).

The Agency Clinical Innovation (2019) is one of the organizations that have had main objectives to ensure that they work together as a team to improve the health of all. Coming up with a culture that emphasizes respect for the needs of people of aboriginal culture is their goal. They have principles that guide them. The principles are; respect and trust each other, being able to recognize indigenous cultures, having complete health solutions, working as partners, and listening to the views of the people. Then there is a plan put in place to which using the principles will be achieved with ease.

The five are intertwined forming interdependency notwithstanding the time of entering to the working stage. The healthcare should at least use one of the components that will at least to the others being used. It helps the assessment process be precise because the medical practitioner is more careful and willing to reach a solution. The five components model is used in the various medical fields in the journey towards completion of the task (Bacote, 2002).

Policy and the Relationship to Cultural Policy

In the field of exercise and sports, personal behavior and that of others tend to be affected. A professional has to be diverse in the way that they think and relate with others the reason being that they are involved with so much influence on others. Individuals should, therefore, work to ensure that they are culturally aware, it will also influence the manner through which they are able to interact with others. As a professional, it is also my duty to be culturally aware and to be at the fore from to avoid biased thinking. The treatment of the patients should be equal without subjecting some more attention to some of the patients and others less attention. Being a competent professional when it comes to culture is essential because it affects exercise, social aspect, and the psychological aspect of the clients. The professionals should be at the forefront to ensure that exercise and fitness programs have attained the objective of enhancing physical activity. The main aim is to maintain the proper and the best medical standards in the patients and all the members of the community and society at large. Diversity in culture is a significant influencing aspect of exercise and sports. The diverse activities in games occur in an equally diverse environment, thus making it more interesting than a person may figure out (Gill, 2017). I have worked in a diverse society, therefore in a position to be culturally competent and being able to handle people from various societies. I have also learned a lot through my various experiences in the outside world that are mixed with all cultures.

The Barriers and Facilitators

The five cultural practices all lead to cultural safety. A safe cultural environment is one that is not in any way biased regarding the culture of someone in the community or society. A challenge may arise where a professional is not aware of the various principles of social safety. Also, people are different, and some may be biased to the point that they do not want any relation with a person from another culture. In terms of health, what is important is the health of the members of the society of willing individuals to indulge in sports. The facilitators may also undergo a language barrier if the people they are trying to help out cannot understand each other (Natsihwa, 2019).

According to Grandpierre, Milloy, Sikora, Fitzpatrick, Thomas, and Potter (2018), the various cultures may affect the social, health beliefs and behaviors of people. It is from the time that a patient realizes that adequate body exercise is required that they ask the necessary means to achieve the standards. As a professional, the goal is to help the patient acquire and maintain the most stable health condition as much as they can. There must be a way through which they can assist their patients with nothing wrong affecting them. The effort of the facilitators and willingness of patients influences how the journey towards good health will be completed.

Understanding of Health Theory

The cultural safety approach is meant to reach an equilibrium point to address the practices that may seem not appropriate in the health section. As a professional, I believe that a patient should be given a chance to make their own decision. This will help them, mainly because they have not been forced to undertake an action that they did not intend to do. The cultural safety helps to bring the differences between practices that are conflicting while on the other hand, cultural competence is being able to understand the culture of someone (Giles & Darroch, 2017). There is a need to have a balanced environment, especially where health matters are concerned. I believe that giving a patient the chance to choose and also to seek medical attention is essential. The matter of subjecting them to conditions before treatment is not appropriate.


I will do all that I can in my position to maintain the cultural safety conditions and also cultural competence. This is due to the knowledge that I have regarding social safety and competence that both can have in the health service provision. Bearing this in mind, I will do the rightful duty once assigned the task to educate the members of the community regarding cultural diversity and also regarding the importance of doing body exercises. Health is of the most critical essence, and I will stop at no less than ensuring that the people have acquired it. Personal discipline and drive towards better health are the two personal guiding principles that I use as a professional.


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