Essay Sample on Coaching International Workers Who Experience Burnout and Stress Problems

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Date:  2022-11-11


The report talks about ways of coaching young international workers who experience burnout and stress problems. Burn out is caused by over-participation, investment, and actions that have low performance in work and a low level of self-respect and often disturbance from internal and external stressors. The syndrome affects typically individuals who want to acquire more than they can produce more than their limit while they are under pressure that is constant from the organizational terms including deadline and dates.

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This report provides a report of the research for the study of social work and services. The research was carried out at Department of occupational health and safety Union interventions. The research concerns the evaluation of the current working method in the treatment of burn-out in international business by the millennial social workers. This chapter first described the context and problem situation at Arbo Unie. Then the purpose of the study and the research question described and elaborated.

Context and Problem Analysis

Arbo Unie is a health and safety service that is covered by the occupational health care with the mission: help companies and organizations from expertise to give people a lifetime to work optimally. To do this, employers can hire the services of intervention specialists. These specialists fall within the branch approvals, risk bet or interventions. This research was done at the department interventions of Arbo Unie. From Arbo Unie there was in October 2016 an increase in absenteeism due to burnout signaled among employees aged 25 to 35 years at Arbo Unie customers. It was not clear to the manager of interventions how the corporate social workers function under these social developments. Is there still sufficient connection with this growing target group? Close skills and competencies of the corporate social workers to the target group? Is there an (additional) educational need? The reason for this was the question to investigate at the company social workers themselves or this case.

Notably, to investigate this, an internet survey was used among the company social workers. Given the development of the profession of an individual, there are also questions about the supervision of international employees from 25 to 35 years old. They come as an employee of one Dutch company also with burn-out complaints at the company social worker. The results of the practical research show that the corporate social workers are content with their functioning and that seven of the eleven respondents do not need (additional) training. Four company social workers indicate that they would appreciate further training. After analysis of the results and comparison with the literature, the conclusion is that the corporate social workers may qualify themselves and that is why follow-up research is needed.

This research aims to gain insight into which competencies and skills a company social worker within Arbo Unie must control when supervising international employees aged 25-35 with stress and burn-out complaints. Some sub-questions are asked to the workers so that you can have a brief conclusion on the results through the questions that were given to the workers. This is tested with the help of a survey based on open and closed questions about their findings regarding required competencies. By the results of the survey, this is compared with the literature. The researcher will then give recommendations concerning the development of professional competencies and skills of corporate social workers.

However, some methods were used during the data and analysis collection. Chapter three describe the method, instruments and how the results were analyzed. There is also the research design such as internal survey where you investigate the findings of the company social workers about their guidance of employee who is aged 25 to 35 with complaints on burning out.

There is a recommendation on the results of the research. Here you give way forward on how to deal with the problem at hand. In response to the information about the respondents of this research, I recommend that I take part in interventions to invest in the recruitment of new company social workers, because it is likely that many of the company social workers with 25 to 30 years or more work experience as a company social worker, will retire in a concise time.

Lastly, you have the conclusion part where you give a conclusion about the research. The outcome after analyzing the results of the survey is that these competencies and skills are not matching with the company social workers their self-evaluation. The analysis shows that four of the six core tasks are not addressed in their findings. This raises the question of whether they do have sufficient knowledge and skills to provide useful guidance to international employees aged 25-35 with burn-out complaints. This has been further elaborated in the discussion.

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