Essay Sample on Classroom Management: Establishing Rules & Setting Consequences

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Date:  2023-03-26


Classroom management is whereby teachers use different techniques and skills to make sure that the students do not misbehave during the lesson and the classroom runs smoothly. In classroom management, the instructions and rules set should be clear so that they can enhance good learning behaviors and set consequences that eliminate bad learning behaviors, which might affect the concentration of the teacher and also the other students. When placing a classroom tone, a teacher should greet the students with positive vibes, show them that they can make it, and connect with each scholar personally so that the teacher can understand the needs of the students (Mulvahill, 2018). For example, the weakness of one student might be different from another, and this might slow the learning process.

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A teacher can incorporate encouragement to the students by making sure that he or she attends to the needs of every student (Swain, 2011). For example, a teacher should not discriminate against a student because he or she gave the wrong answer, but they should encourage them and tell them to try again. This creates a good bond between the teacher and the students feel comfortable talking to their teachers. This promotes the right learning environment because they will be open to one another, and they will be able to identify and rectify their mistakes, which might hinder smooth learning (Wong, 2013).

I can address students who have special needs by creating a solid plan which will help me to teach them freely without interfering with the lesson. For example, if they are minorities or have individual projects, I can create free time, whereby I can teach them whatever they did not understand in the main lesson. Always make these students feel free and encourage them to speak out their feelings so that they cannot feel underestimated by the other students. This will also help to boost their self-esteem in class, and learning will be easy.

The way I can connect with my students is always to be calm, listen to their needs, and create a classroom friendly environment whereby they will not think me as a bad teacher but as a parent who wants to help them succeed in life. Once in a while, I will be acting as a motivational speaker whenever they feel like they are losing hope and show them they can make it if they try.


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