Essay Sample on Christmas: A Time for Family, Fun & Festivities

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Date:  2023-05-22

Holiday seasons are something that I always long for because of various reasons. My favorite holiday is Christmas as it is celebrated by all my family members and the majority of my friends. Christmas brings us together and presents a chance of meeting at least once per year. During Christmas, there is a high spirit as well as the exchange of presents. Last year was my best Christmas as I went on holiday with my family.

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During the previous years, I celebrated Christmas at home with my family and some few friends. The experience on the previous Christmas holidays was enjoyable but monotonous. The visit to the Caribbean Islands last Christmas is as memorable to me as I have always wanted to visit this famous tourist attraction site. I had frequently heard my classmates compliment how amazing their experience was when they visited the place, and there is no doubt that the place was worth visiting.

One of the things that I enjoyed was swimming and relaxing on the sunny beaches. The experience was extraordinary and relaxing. On the beach, I had a chance to meet many people and interacted with some of them. I became friends with some of them and learned something about their culture. I am grateful that this Christmas holiday I made friends with people from other countries.

The experience in the hotel rooms was fascinating, and the staffs were professionals. The rooms were clean, and there were tea or coffee making facilities as well as in-room phone. The rooms had a television with access to both local and international channels. They were smart TVs, and since there was access to free internet, there were various programs to enjoy during the night before going to bed.Christmas holidays come once in a year where one gets the opportunity to relax, have fun with family members as well as celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in line with the teachings of the Christian religion. Many activities happen during the Christmas holiday, where I prepare for the Christmas holiday to make it memorable. The visit to the Caribbean was memorable in terms of meeting new people and experiencing life in a different environment. I had a goal to visit the Caribbean; hence the visit was an achieved goal. One of the factors that made the visit memorable was the rich delicacies offered by Caribbean hotels, which reflects the rich culture of the Caribbean people. Among the best delicacies that I enjoyed include Garlic Chicken, baked empanadas, and curry goat. I also had the opportunity to get trained in preparing some delicacies.

Another factor that made the Christmas holiday memorable is the visit to various destinations with unique geographical sites. Among the sites I visited includes the Dunns' river falls and park, where I climbed 180 meters high of limestone that is very incredible to climb. Another place I visited includes the Waitukubuli National Trail that is more adventurous moving around the national trail. There are few national parks in my state where people can visit and have the adventure. I also took the time to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ, which is the reason for celebrating the Christmas holiday. I took the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th day of December by attending local church service together with other Christians. I got the opportunity to experience religion from people with a different culture.

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