Essay Sample on California's Official State Bird: The Quail

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Date:  2023-01-02


From the words written in the meme," official state bird of California," it is evident that there is a link between the depicted state bird and the true state bird designated for the state of California. For the meme to be understood, tracing the referred state bird is important. In 1931, the state of California assigned a quail (Callipepla Californicus) as the official state bird. Farmers know the bird by how effective they are in destroying cereals especially rice. The bird is very adaptable and hard. The state of California, found in the western part of the United States of America, is known for film production. A saying that goes "every market has a mad man" is also evident in the state. Not only is film production causing it to be famous, but also wild forest fires. Every year the news from the state are monopolistic and dwell on wildfires. The news has grown to be a trend that seems to be no longer news. On September 5th, 2017, the department of forestry and fire protection of the state of California activated the first supertanker to combat the fire that was spreading exponentially. The supertanker was a customized Boeing 747-400 aircraft. It is said to hold twice as much fire retardant than the previous one. The existence of wildfires prompted the meme viral nature. If it had been wildfires, then it would not have been understood.

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Since the objective of the development of the meme was to pass a message, then the intended message is analyzed as follows; the meme describes the heroic nature of the supertanker aircraft together with the firefighting department (Shifman 367) Wildfires that erupt in California have always been known to be dangerous. It takes the firefighters weeks to months and working day and night to try as much as possible to suppress the fire. Some days of work becomes unsuccessful as fires grow stronger thus making the fire-fighting crew retreat backward. During this challenging period, the property is being destroyed. Other than the forest itself is an asset; there are lots of investments such as houses and holiday hotels built inside the forest. The citizens of the state are primarily affected in many ways. The ability to move between places is hindered as there are no passable roads to facilitate locomotion. Another thing is that people are being displaced from the areas that are on the pathway of the fires. For a bird to be assigned as a state bird, there must have been a characteristic that was desired a (Chen 6). One fact that heroes that made history believed in is that even though the current state is hard and seems to be impossible, there is always a breakthrough. The fruits of the American made supertanker were yet to be tasted. Its deployment provided a breakthrough that saw the fire diminishing day by day. During the period of its work, the media made sure the whole world saw the monumental aircraft. The aircraft depicted its maneuverability and stealth as it conquered the skies. The eventful awaited moment is when the aircraft opened its 19000-gallon tank releasing retardant and water. The people watching stood aghast and amazed with the direct instantaneous impact it made. Smoke ruled the atmosphere for a while and then ceased leading to the accomplishment of combating the fire.

The purpose of creating a meme is to make people laugh (Shifman 58). When people laugh, the meme goes viral as it is shared. The whole population, except some, would have-at a point of the day-come across the meme. The meme is funny as it mocks a veered character. From the history of California, there once existed a bird that was appointed to be the official state bird. Now that there is a heroic flying machine, the bird is overthrown.

A proof that for a bird to be appointed as a state bird it should play a pivotal role is found in the meme. People looking at the plane as it drops reddish retardant provides evidence of backbone role that the aircraft played. The ability to eradicate a troubling menace, whose end was long awaited, resulted from it to be adopted as the new state bird.


In conclusion, it is true that the meme provides the heroic nature of the supertanker aircraft that eradicated forest fire and is because the development of meme goes hand in hand with a current affair. A meme comes to life if there is something widely known. Forest fire in California formed the basis of the widely known phenomenon. Therefore, the actual occurrence of the wildfires has provided solid proof that the meaning of the meme is to acknowledge the heroic achievement of the supertanker. Even though meme developers have the aim of making people laugh, this was a different one. Memes should be appreciated since they have meanings beyond just the laugh experienced at the instance of the first sighting.

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