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Buddhism is now the fourth largest religion in the world as more than 520 million people around the world are its followers. This makes more than seven percent of the world's population. The teachings attributed to Buddha have resulted in interpreted philosophies. To understand Buddhism, one needs to understand the techniques and advantages of meditation, the importance of Zen meditation and lessons to the King from Nagasena.

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Various meditation techniques are associated with various roles that make up the essence of the practice. One of the importance of meditation is that it helps in the development of one-pointed concentration. Calm Abiding Meditation helps achieve this as one watches the breath as the object of meditations (Kumar). Walking meditation also helps in this; it also allows the person to walk around while meditating as sitting the whole day may be tiring. Meditation also helps in the development of wisdom and insight. Some of the techniques to help with this include Vipassana, Koans, and Shikantaza meditation (Kumar). Another role of meditation is the development of compassion and loving-kindness. One can achieve this through Metta, Sameness of Self and Others, and Tonglen techniques of meditation. Enhancement of Buddha's teachings is another role of meditation that can be achieved through Meditation on the Faults of Samara, our Precious Human Life, Impermanence, equanimity, Remembering the Kindness of Mother Sentient Being, and the Impurities of our Bodies. Meditation also quickens one's realization of emptiness and alleys meditative obstacles (Kumar). This is achieved through Deity Meditations Technique.

To Zen Buddhists, meditation helps by helping let go of the feelings and thoughts arising in the mind stream. It also helps in the development of insight for understanding the nature of the human body and mind. Through Zen meditation, one can find solutions to deep-rooted issues and answers to life's general questions, which usually seem to lack answers (Mindworks Team). Some of the meditation techniques used in Zen meditation includes sitting and Koan. Sitting helps the meditator to monitor the movement of breath while Koan helps in overcoming their limitation in rational thinking so that they can glimpse the truth beyond rationality. Zen meditation is also used to train the mind to achieve calmness. Besides, the meditators can reflect on their lives with better creativity and focus (Mindworks Team). It also improves physical health by lowering the blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, achieving a better immune system, and gaining more restorative sleep.

The conversation between Nagasena and King Milinda helps to understand what makes up a being. The king learned that for one to be whole, the thirty-two types of organic matter and five aggregates of being is what makes a person, for if even one is not present, then one cannot be a being (Jurgen). The lesson from this is that one needs to keep his or her entire body and mind from activities that can lead to unhealthy living. That is because for one to remain what he or she ought to be, the entire being must be present and healthy (Jurgen). Training the mind to think positively and being physically healthy are some of the ways that one can maintain being human and be referred to by what he or she is.


In summary, the followers of Buddhism, known as Buddhists, have a variety of beliefs, traditions, and spiritual practices, which are largely based on the ancient teachings of Buddha. Meditation helps keep the body and mind healthy for people who believe in Buddhism and the teachings of Buddha. The philosophies formed from the teachings of Buddha helps unravel the benefits of meditation that includes physical health as well as emotional and psychological health.

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